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Midrash Iyyob (Hebrew: מדרש איוב) or Midrash to Job is an aggadic midrash that is no longer extant.

Extracts with express reference to the source Midrash Iyyob are found to Job i. 14 (in the Yalḳuṭ Makiri to Isa. lxi. 11), to Job i. 6 (in an MS. commentary of Rashi to Job), to Job i. 1 and iv. 12 (in an MS. Maḥzor commentary; both these commentaries were in the possession of Abraham Epstein, in Vienna; comp. Ha-Ḥoḳer, i. 325), to Job vii. 9 (in the Recanati to Gen. iii. 23), to Job ii. 1 ([?]; in the Recanati—according to the statement in "Rab Pe'alim," p. 34), to Job iv. 10 (in Yalḳ. Shim'oni, ii. 897). The extracts found in the Yalḳuṭ Makiri to Ps. li. 7 and Ps. cxlvi. 4 with the source-reference "Midrash" and referring to Job iii. 2 and xxxviii. 1, are, perhaps, likewise taken from the Midrash Iyyob, as are many passages in the Job commentaries of Samuel b. Nissim Masnuth (Ma'yan Gannim, Berlin, 1889) and Isaac b. Solomon (Constantinople, 1545). The extracts and quotations from Midrash Iyyob have been collected by Wertheimer (Leḳeṭ Midrashim, Jerusalem, 1903; comp. also Zunz, G. V. p. 270; Brüll's Jahrb. v.-vi. 99).

Strack & Stemberger (1991) cite an opinion attributing Midrash Iyyov to the amora Hoshaiah Rabbah (3rd century), although this dating is uncertain. According to Zunz, there are evidences of the existence of midrashim to Ezra and Chronicles (ib. p. 271). For the Midrash al Yithallel, to Jer. ix. 22 and to the Hallel Midrash, see Smaller Midrashim.


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