Hillrise, Agoura Hills, California

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Hillrise is an Agoura Hills, California residential neighborhood of modern mid-century detached homes built in the 1970s is located immediately west and south of Downtown, cutting it off from the South End. The neighborhood's character has created a rather bohemian culture, and the area is considered one of the most eclectic neighborhoods in Agoura Hills.

A river on the southern edge of the district separates the area from the downtown.


The model names of the homes in Hillrise are named after mountains: Shasta, Whitney, Lassen Peak, Hood, McKinley, and Rainier. The Shasta is the smallest model at around 1,200 square feet (110 m2). This model, along with the Whitney, Lassen, and Hood, is a 1 story. The McKinley and Rainier are the two-story models. The Rainier is around 2,000 square feet (190 m2), being the largest model.

Started in 1968, Hillrise is one of the very first neighborhoods in Agoura, and due to that, many homes there have nostalgic features.


Hillrise was developed by Barclay-Hollander-Curci and work began on February 26 of 1968. There are 426 homes in Hillrise.

Coordinates: 34°09′06″N 118°45′48″W / 34.151651°N 118.763455°W / 34.151651; -118.763455