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The Midwest Central Railroad is a 3 ft (914 mm) narrow gauge heritage railroad operating on the grounds of the Midwest Old Thresher's Reunion in Mount Pleasant, Iowa. The railroad is a non-profit organization operated by volunteers mainly from the Midwest. The track is a clockwise loop approximately 1 mile in length. It features 2 stations, one being an original station and the other being a new wood structured metal sided building.


The Midwest Central has six steam locomotives: two are currently running, one is in need of a new boiler and is going through a complete restoration, one is awaiting an in-depth boiler inspection, one is in Colorado as part of a long term lease agreement, and the other rolls around the yard rusting and needing extensive work. Some of the steam locomotives have been featured in several films.

MCRR Baldwin Mogul Number-6 001
1923 Lima #9.
1951 Henschel #16.
  • #16 is an 18-ton 0-4-0 made by Henschel of Germany in 1951 and built to 900 mm gauge, but runs on 3 ft (914 mm) narrow gauge track.[6] This is the only coal-burning locomotive on the Midwest Central. In 2011, the 16 was "blue flagged" for an in-depth boiler inspection. The inspection date and final disposition of this locomotive has not been determined.
Baldwin 2-6-0, dismantled, awaiting restoration.
  • #2 is a 2-6-0 made by Baldwin in 1906 that came with #6 from Argent Lumber of South Carolina. #2 ran for many years before it was discovered it needed a new boiler. A boiler is under construction with a likely delivery date of early 2015. The staff has renewed its effort to get this locomotive moving under its own power within the next few years. The MCRR has received several cash grants to help finance the rebuilding project.
  • #1 is a Mexican 2-8-0 that has been in need of repair for many years.
A small gasoline switcher.

There are also two Plymouth diesel locomotives that came from Ohio. These were originally 38 inch gauge and were regauged to 3 ft (914 mm) narrow gauge after arrival in Mt. Pleasant. The 14 is used on a regular basis while the D-9 is undergoing restoration. They have a gasoline powered Vulcan switcher. There is also a Model A and Model T fireman and foreman trucks.

Railroad cars[edit]

The railroad built their passengers cars from flat car frames that they made into passenger cars. They also have 3 cabooses one is a metal construction from the White Pass and Yukon, another is of a wood construction from the Bellevue and Cascade in Iowa and the third was homebuilt by scaling up a model caboose to full size.

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