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The Midwest Entertainment Connection (MECONN) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded in 1999 for the purpose of connecting the entertainment communities of Los Angeles and the Midwest. In addition to contributions to an annual beneficiary, the Los Angeles based organization hosts general events for their membership which often feature prominent guest lecturers from the entertainment industry.[1] Other events have included casting seminars, script readings [1], and screenings [2].


The organization began its life in the mid 1990s as the Kansas Connection.[2] As the organization grew in the late-nineties it organized as a nonprofit under the original co-presidents and founders, Connie Ventress and Eleanor Lind.[3] During its formative years, the organization always had people from other Midwest states in the membership. In 2007 The Kansas Connection officially became the Midwest Entertainment Connection to better reflect its membership and expand its focus.

Mission statement[edit]

"To raise money for or otherwise contribute to various educational, arts, and mentoring programs through events that will simultaneously promote and support Midwest professionals in the entertainment industry." [4]

Past Beneficiaries[edit]

2008 A Place Called Home [5]
2007 Shakespeare At Play
2006 The Sycamores
[additional information requested]

Current and Former Presidents[edit]

2009 Tara Flynn
2008 Aaron Sawyer
2006-2007 Kelie McIver
2005 Nancy Nyberg
2002-2004 Charles Miller
[additional information requested]
1999 Connie Ventress and Eleanor Lind (Co-Presidents and Founders)


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