Midwest Flames

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Midwest Flames
Peoria midwest flames team logo.jpg
Founded 2013, 2011
League ABA
Based in Peoria, Illinois
Arena Woodruff Career and Technical Center Gymnasium (Home Gym)
Black, red, white
Owner(s) CI Sports Entertainment (Operated by Barry Anderson)
Head coach Barry Anderson, 2013, A. J. Guyton, 2011
Championships 0
Division titles 0

The Peoria Midwest Flames is a semi-professional basketball team in the American Basketball Association starting play in 2013, based in Peoria, Illinois. The 2013 Peoria Midwest Flames have a 20-game schedule (17 Home, 3 Away) starting Nov 2nd. It is a restart of a team with the same name which failed to start in 2011.

Players and coaches on the 2011 team formed the bulk of Central Illinois Drive in the Premier Basketball League.[1]

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