Midwest Gaming Classic

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Midwest Gaming Classic
Midwest Gaming Classic (logo).png
GenreVideo gaming
VenueWisconsin Center
Location(s)Milwaukee, Wisconsin
CountryUnited States
InauguratedJune 30, 2001
Attendance1,600+ (2007)
10,000+ (2015)

The Midwest Gaming Classic (MGC) is an annual convention for all forms of electronic entertainment, including video games, arcade games and pinball, with a focus on retrogaming.

The event has been held in several locations in Wisconsin since launching in 2001.


The Midwest Gaming Classic was first held on June 30, 2001 as Jagfest 2K1 and was dedicated to ongoing fan base and homebrew scene of the Atari Jaguar. At that time, the 2K1 show organizers Dan Loosen and Gary Heil decided to open the show to all classic platforms in an effort to expand attendance. They were soon contacted by Martin Goldberg who offered to set up a museum area for the show, and started a tradition of having consoles and computers on display playable by show attendees, as well as gaming competitions held on multiple platforms and prizes at the show.[1] That first year had 15 tables and 20 games available to play. By 2015, it had grown to over one thousand games.[2] The event has moved several times over the years, but has always been in the Milwaukee area.


The Midwest Gaming Classic has a focus on retrogaming, but displays modern game systems as well. The devices on display range from the newest gaming devices to some of the oldest, such as the original Pong. The event also attracts video game champions from the past.[3] The event is known for its pinball games, gaming museum and modern game tournaments. It also has a display of gaming systems that never had success due to a superior competitor or change in technology. Nearly all game systems on display can be played by attendees.[4]


Date Location Attendance Notes
2001 PieperPower Center, Milwaukee < 100 MGC began as JagFest 2k1. [5]
2002 PieperPower Center, Milwaukee 100+ It was rebranded as Midwest Classic a name it retained for another year.[5]
2003 Nicolet High School, Glendale 200 The location of the venue was changed.[5]
2004 Brookfield Sheraton, Brookfield 1,500 The show was rebranded as Midwest Gaming Classic.

The venue was once again changed.[5]


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