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The Midwest Tandem Rally (MTR) is a weekend-long tandem bicycle set of rides, based somewhere in the larger Midwest United States on Labor Day weekend.

The primary rides for the MTR on Saturday and Sunday of the weekend, usually including several distance options and all having lunch as the primary rest stop. There are also casual rides planned for Friday night and Monday. Friday is typically an Ice Cream Ride - a short ride to a local ice cream parlor, although some have included a destination and entertainment as part of the ice cream ride. The Monday ride is sometimes a rework of the primary rides or an opportunity for people to ride to a restaurant for breakfast together.

History of the Midwest Tandem Rally[edit]

2018 Grand Rapids, MI MUTS
2017 Dublin, OH GOATS
2016 Ankeny, IA PIGS
2015 Rockford, IL CATS
2014 Fort Wayne, IN HOOTS
2013 Dayton, OH GOATS
2012 Middleton, WI COWS
2011 Ann Arbor, MI MUTS
2010 Shipshewana, IN HOOTS
2009 Rochester, MN LOONS
2008 Springfield, IL CATS
2007 Appleton, WI COWS
2006 Cedar Rapids, IA PIGS
2005 Grand Rapids, MI MUTS
2004 Columbus, IN HOOTS
2003 Dayton, OH GOATS
2002 Kansas City, MO FLAMINGOS
2001 Duluth, MN LOONS
2000 St. Charles, IL CATS
1999 Midland, MI MUTS
1998 Omaha, NE
1997 Dublin, OH GOATS
1996 Appleton, WI COWS
1995 Indianapolis, IN CIBA / TOIS
1994 Rochester, MN RACCOONS
1993 Lansing, MI MUTS
1992 Des Moines, IA
1991 Waukesha, WI
1990 Minneapolis, MN
1989 Cleveland, OH
1988 Springfield, IL
1987 Grand Rapids, MI MUTS
1986 Oshkosh, WI
1985 Anderson, IN
1984 Dundee, IL
1983 Minneapolis, MN
1982 Coralville, IA
1981 Des Moines, IA
1980 St. Charles, MO
1979 Springfield, IL
1978 Louisville, KY
1977 Kenosha, WI
1976 Kokomo, IN

MTR started in the 1970s, possibly by Chicago area tandem enthusiasts.

Tandem Clubs, those acronyms[edit]

Many tandem clubs have come up with acronyms that sound like animals, representing the idea that tandem riders come two-by-two (like Noah's Arc).

  • CATS - Chicago Area Tandem Society
  • COWS - Couples on Wheels (Wisconsin)
  • COYOTES - Coalition of Young and Old Tandem Enthusiasts
  • CRABS - Couples Riding A Bicycle Simultaneously (Maryland)
  • DOGS - Doubles of the Garden State (New Jersey) [1]
  • FLAMINGOS - Four Legs Always MovING On tandemS (greater Kansas City area)
  • GOATS - Greater Ohio Area Tandem Society
  • HOOTS - Hoosiers Out On Tandems (Indiana)
  • LOONS - Leena and Ole On Non-Singles (Twin Cities Tandem Club)
  • MULES - Missouri Union of Long Bike Enthusiasts
  • MUTS - Michigan United Tandem Society
  • NEWTS - New England Wicked Tandem Society
  • PIGS - Paired Iowans Going Somewhere
  • PANTHERS - Partners Aboard Neat Tandems Happily Enjoying Riding Simultaneously (Florida)
  • RAPTORS - Rockford Area Pedaling Tandems On Road Society
  • RATS - Richmond Area Tandem Society(VA)
  • TOIS - Tandems Of Indiana & Illinois (defunct in 1995)
  • T-BONES - Tandem Bicyclists of New England
  • WABITS - Washington Area Bicyclists in Tandem Society (DC/VA/MD) [2]

Other Tandem Rallies[edit]

  • Southern Tier Tandem Rally (NY State)
  • Eastern Tandem Rally (Eastern US)
  • International Tandem Rally
  • Southern Tandem Rally
  • Southwest Tandem Rally
  • Prairie State Tandem Rally