Mie Hama

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Mie Hama
Native name 浜美枝
Born (1943-11-20) November 20, 1943 (age 72)
Tokyo, Japan
Occupation Actress
Years active 1960–1989
Known for You Only Live Twice as Kissy Suzuki
In this Japanese name, the family name is Hama.

Mie Hama (浜美枝 Hama Mie?, IPA: [hama mi.e]) (born 20 November 1943) is a Japanese actress, best-known outside Japan for her role as Kissy Suzuki in the 1967 James Bond film You Only Live Twice.


Hama was working as a bus conductor when she was spotted by producer Tomoyuki Tanaka.[1] She went on to become one of the most in-demand actresses in Japan. Notable appearances included the 1965 spy comedy Kokusai himitsu keisatsu: Kagi no kagi, which was the source for the Woody Allen film What's Up, Tiger Lily?, and Toho Studio's monster and fantasy movies such as King Kong vs. Godzilla (1962), The Lost World of Sinbad (1963) and King Kong Escapes (1967). By the time she starred in You Only Live Twice, she had made more than 60 movies.

Hama was originally cast to play the character Aki (who was originally named Suki), and her co-star Akiko Wakabayashi was cast to play Kissy Suzuki. The two actresses were sent to London for three months, to be tutored in English, although in the end, Hama was dubbed by Nikki van der Zyl.[2]

Mie Hama and Wakabayashi switched roles, with Hama playing the smaller part of Kissy (although the character was in fact considered the main Bond girl). Due to illness during filming, the actress was doubled in diving scenes by Diane Cilento, Sean Connery's wife at the time. Mie Hama said of Sean Connery and his role as James Bond, "I like Connery. I don't like James Bond. Bond is always a playboy with many playgirls. Connery is a warm heart." She posed nude in the June 1967, US edition of Playboy in the pictorial "007's Oriental Eyefulls: Mie Hama, Akiko Wakabayashi, et al".[citation needed]


Her measurements were 35-23-35 and her height was 5′ 4½″ (1.64 m).[3]


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