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Mee rebus

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Mee rebus
A typical mee rebus served in hawker centre
Alternative namesMie rebus, mie kuah
CourseMain course
Region or stateIndonesia, Malaysia, Singapore[1][2]
Main ingredientsNoodles (eggs), gravy (either dried shrimp based or fermented soybeans (tauchu) based)

Mee rebus (also known as mie rebus/mi rebus and mie kuah, the latter literally means "noodle soup" in Indonesian)[1] is a Maritime Southeast Asian noodle soup dish. Literally translated as "boiled noodles", it is popular in Maritime Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Similar dishes[edit]

In certain areas, a similar variety of Mee rebus is called Mie Jawa, Mee Jawa, Mi Jawa, Bakmi Jawa or Bakmi Godhog,[3] although this is a popular misnomer, since Mie Jawa is slightly different from Mie Rebus. Despite sharing similar spices, Mie Jawa contains chicken instead of shrimp.[3] A dish similar to Mie Rebus in Indonesia is called mie celor, and it is popular in Palembang. Batam islands has a version called Mie Lendir.


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