Mieczysław Kawalec

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Mieczysław Kawalec (noms de guerre "Iza", "Zbik", "Psarski", "Stanislawski"), born 1916 in the village of Trzciana, Rzeszów County was a Polish resistance fighter. In the late 1930s he graduated from Law Department at the Lwów University,[1] and took the job of an assistant there. During Polish September Campaign, he fought in the defence of Lwów, and in 1940 he joined Rzeszów District of Union of Armed Struggle (ZWZ) (later Armia Krajowa).

Since 1945 he was the commander of Rzeszów District of the anti-Communist organization Freedom and Independence (WiN). Later Kawalec moved to Kraków, joining the Department of Information and Propaganda of the 4th Headquarters of WiN, under Łukasz Ciepliński and Adam Lazarowicz.[2] Due to betrayal, he was arrested on February 1, 1948 in Poronin and transported to the Mokotów Prison in Warsaw. Tortured during the investigation, in October 1950 he was sentenced to four consecutive deaths. Kawalec was killed by a shot in the head on March 1, 1951, his body was buried in an unknown location.[3]

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