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Mieczysław Młynarski, 2007

Mieczysław Młynarski (born May 17, 1956 in Resko[1]) is a retired Polish basketball player and a current head coach of the Górnik Wałbrzych. He played in Poland national basketball team for 9 years (1975–1984), including all matches of the Polish team during Summer Olympic tournament in Moscow, 1980. He has the best scorer in EuroBasket 1979 (26.6 per game) and 1981 (23.1), and he still (as of May 2008) holds the national record of Poland in the "best score in one match" category (90 points, achieved in 1982 for Górnik Wałbrzych in the game against Pogoń Szczecin).[2]

When his career had ended he decided to stay in basketball. After retirement he took over the Górnik Wałbrzych juniors.In 2000 he achieved the Polish older juniors vice-championship (as the assistant coach) with Górnik. In 2007 he became the assistant coach of the Górnik Wałbrzych's seniors. After the coach's Andrzej Adamek resignation (in March 2009) he has become a Górnik's head coach. Unfortunately, coach Młynarski has not been able to protect his team before the degradation. In the 2008/2009 season Górnik finished at the last position in the PLK. The main reason why the team was degraded was the big financial problems (Górnik finished the season without foreign players and some key Polish players e.g. Marcin Stefański)


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