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Mieczysław Połukard (1930 in Warsaw, Poland – October 25, 1985 in Bydgoszcz, Poland) was a Polish speedway rider and coach, the first Polish rider to ride in the Individual World Championship Final in 1959 and won the World Team Cup in 1961.


He began his racing career with Sparta Wrocław. In 1955 he moved to Polonia Bydgoszcz.

He was the first Polish rider to ride in the Individual World Championship Final (1959) where he finished 12th with 5 points. He also represented Poland in the World Team Cup three times, in 1960 (4th place), 1961 (gold medal) and 1962 (bronze medal).

He was Individual Polish Champion once in 1954. He also rode in Golden Helmet Finals, but he never finished high enough to win a medal.


In 1968 he decided to retire. In his last match, he was involved in an accident on track, which resulted hospital treatment which required amputating his leg.


He became a coach for Polonia Bydgoszcz. During track training sessions on the track he stood on the centre green coaching the riders. However on October 25, 1985, a rider from Gorzów Wielkopolski lost control of his motorcycle and ran into Połukard, killing him.


Since 1986 Criterium of Polish Speedway Leagues Aces, speedway meeting in Bydgoszcz who official opening of the new season, have a Mieczysław Połukard name (Polish: Kryterium Asów Polskich Lig Żużlowych im. Mieczysława Połukarda).


  • Individual World Championship
    • 1956 - 14th in Continental Final
    • 1957 - 12th in Continental Semi-Final
    • 1958 - 11th in Continental Quarter-Final
    • 1959 - 12th place - 5 points (0,2,0,1,2) - First Polish rider in World Final
    • 1960 - track reserve in World Final[1]
    • 1961 - 15th in European Final
    • 1962 - 12th in Continental Semi-Final
    • 1963 - 10th in Continental Semi-Final
    • 1964 - 10th in Continental Quarter-Final
  • World Team Cup
    • 1960 - 4th place - 2 points (0,1,0,1)
    • 1961 - World Champion - 5 points (2,1,2,-)
    • 1962 - Bronze medal - 0 point (0)

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