Mieh Mieh refugee camp

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Not to be confused with Mieh Mieh.
Mieh Mieh Refugee Camp
Refugee camp
Mieh Mieh Refugee Camp is located in Lebanon
Mieh Mieh Refugee Camp
Mieh Mieh Refugee Camp
Coordinates: 33°32′30″N 35°23′29″E / 33.54167°N 35.39139°E / 33.54167; 35.39139
Country  Lebanon
Governorate South Governorate
District Sidon District
Town Miye ou Miye
Population (2003) over 5,000
Time zone EET (UTC+2)

Mieh Mieh camp is a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon, located on the outskirts of Mieh Mieh village in the hills 4 kilometers (2.5 mi) east of Sidon. Refugees in Mieh Mieh generally came from Saffourieh, Tiereh, Haifa and Miron in Palestine.[1] It was established on a rental/lease basis in 1948 on private property owned by landowners of the Mieh Mieh village. In 2003 it had a population 5,037 refugees. During the Lebanese Civil War, 15% of the camp's shelters, as well as the United Nations Relief and Works Agency school and distribution center were destroyed.[2]

The socio-economic situation of the refugees is described by the UNRWA as "extremely difficult". Men find work as daily-paid laborers on construction sites and in orchards. Women work in orchards, in embroidery workshops and as cleaners. All shelters are supplied with water through a network connected to the Agency's water plant. Al-Najdeh Al-Sha'bieh is the only NGO active in Mieh Mieh and provides house decorating courses for Palestinian youths. There are two UNRWA elementary/preparatory schools in the camp, which had an enrollment of 1,020 enrolled pupils in 2003/2004.[2]

Two people were killed in a gun battle in Mieh Mieh camp on 21 March 2009. Kamal Naji (also known as Kamal Medhat), the deputy head of the Palestine Liberation Organisation in Lebanon, visited the camp to calm the situation on 23 March 2009. Shortly after he exited the camp a roadside bomb killed him and three others, close to Mieh Mieh.[3]


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Coordinates: 33°32′30″N 35°23′29″E / 33.54167°N 35.39139°E / 33.54167; 35.39139