Mifflin, Tennessee

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Mifflin is an unincorporated community in Chester County, Tennessee.


The community is situated on Tennessee State Route 200 and the eastern end of Tennessee State Route 197.


Mifflin is an unincorporated community in the northeastern area of Chester County, Tennessee. It is generally accepted that Mifflin was the first settlement in what is now known as Chester County. it was first settled about 1821 by Col John Purdy.[1] Mifflin at that time was a part of Henderson County. Col Purdy and his wife Frances are buried in the Mifflin Cemetery.

Mifflin is 16 miles from Jackson and 10 miles northeast of Henderson. Until after the Civil War, Mifflin was the largest town in present day Chester County.


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Coordinates: 35°33′10″N 88°34′48″W / 35.55278°N 88.58000°W / 35.55278; -88.58000