Mifta al-Usta Umar

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Mifta al-Usta Umar
Head of State of Libya
In office
15 February 1984 – 7 October 1990
Preceded by Muhammad az-Zaruq Rajab
Succeeded by Abdul Razzaq as-Sawsa
Personal details
Born 1935
Died 22 March 2010(2010-03-22)

Mifta al-Usta Umar (Arabic: مفتاح الاسطى عمر ‎) (1935-22 March 2010) was the General Secretary of Libya's General People's Congress[1] from 15 February 1984 to 7 October 1990. In this role, he was officially Libya's head of state, though Muammar Gaddafi continued to exercise ultimate authority in Libya as "Leader and Guide of the Revolution".

He died on 22 March 2010.[citation needed]


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