Mifta al-Usta Umar

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Mifta al-Usta Umar
Head of State of Libya
In office
15 February 1984 – 7 October 1990
Preceded by Muhammad az-Zaruq Rajab
Succeeded by Abdul Razzaq as-Sawsa
Personal details
Born 1935
Died 22 March 2010(2010-03-22)

Mifta al-Usta Umar (Arabic: مفتاح الاسطى عمر ‎‎) (1935-22 March 2010)[citation needed] was the General Secretary of Libya's General People's Congress[1] from 15 February 1984 to 7 October 1990. In this role, he was officially Libya's head of state, though Muammar Gaddafi continued to exercise ultimate authority in Libya as "Leader and Guide of the Revolution".


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