Miftah Muhammed K'eba

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Miftah Muhammed K'eba
مفتاح محمد كعيبة
Secretary General of the General People's Congress of Libya
In office
3 March 2008 – 5 March 2009
Prime Minister Baghdadi Mahmudi
Leader Muammar Gaddafi
Preceded by Muhammad az-Zanati
Succeeded by Imbarek Shamekh

Miftah Muhammed K'eba (Arabic:مفتاح محمد كعيبة ), also translated as Miftah Muhammad Kuayba,[1] was the Secretary-General of the General People's Congress of Libya from 3 March 2008 to 5 March 2009[1] and as such head of state. He also was the Secretary of Justice during the 1980s.


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