Migdal Afek

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Migdal Tsedek
Greek inscription over doorway

Migdal Afek (Hebrew: מגדל אפק‎‎), also Migdal Tsedek (Hebrew: מגדל צדק‎‎), is a national park near Rosh HaAyin, Israel. On the site are the ruins of Mirabel, a Crusader castle. Before the establishment of the state, the Palestinian Arab village of Majdal Yaba was located in this area.


On the southeastern edge of Rosh HaAyin is Migdal Tsedek (lit. Tower of Justice), a white Ottoman-era building marking the site of a fortress used by the Jewish rebels who fought the Romans in 66-70 CE. The building was constructed over Byzantine and Crusader remains. A Byzantine doorway topped by a Greek inscription still survives. [1]


Coordinates: 32°4′51″N 34°57′25″E / 32.08083°N 34.95694°E / 32.08083; 34.95694