Mignon Talbot

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Mignon Talbot
Mignon Talbot.jpg
Photograph at time of the discovery of Podokesaurus holyokensis
Born (1869-08-16)August 16, 1869
Iowa City, Iowa
Died July 18, 1950(1950-07-18) (aged 80)
Citizenship American
Fields geology, geography
Institutions Mount Holyoke College

Mignon Talbot (August 16, 1869 – July 18, 1950) was an American paleontologist who recovered the only fossils of the dinosaur, Podokesaurus holyokensis , in 1911.

Born in Iowa City, she was a professor of Geology and Geography at Mount Holyoke College from 1904-1935.[1] During her thirty-one years at Mount Holyoke College, she amassed a large collection of invertebrate fossils and Triassic footprints and minerals. However, the museum burned down and the specimens were destroyed, including the one extant partial skeleton of her Podokesaurus.[2]


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