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Miguel Cané

Miguel Cané (January 27, 1851 – September 5, 1905) was an Argentine writer, lawyer, academic, journalist, and politician.

Cané was born in Montevideo, Uruguay where his family was exiled. He moved to Argentina at the age of two following the fall of Juan Manuel de Rosas. After ending his studies he worked as a journalist.

Cané held numerous political offices, notably Argentine minister of external affairs and of the Interior, having been a provincial and national deputy and Mayor of the City of Buenos Aires. He was also a diplomat, serving in Colombia, Venezuela and France. He served in the Argentine Senate between 1898 and 1904 for Buenos Aires.

Cané's works included Ensayos (Essays) (1876); Juvenilia (1884), based on memories of his childhood and teenage years; En Viaje 1881-1882 (1884) and Light Prose (1903), a collection of literary writings. Other writings were published posthumously as Discourses and Lectures (1909).

A prominent member of the Generation of '80, Cané was influenced by naturalism and the Parnassian poets.

He died in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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