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Miguel Cancel
Born Miguel Ángel Cancel Vázquez
(1968-06-28) June 28, 1968 (age 49)
Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
Occupation Police officer, singer

Miguel Ángel Cancel Vázquez (born June 28, 1968) is a Puerto Rican-American police officer and singer who began his career with the Puerto Rico-based boy band Menudo.


A native of Chicago, Illinois, Cancel joined Menudo as a singer in 1981, replacing Óscar Meléndez. In 1983, Cancel left Menudo at the age of 15, a year before the mandatory retirement age of 16, due to a sudden voice change. He was replaced by Roy Rosselló.

After Menudo[edit]


In 1984, Cancel released his first solo recording, the pop rock single entitled "Fun Fun Fun Fun" (English/Spanish).[1][2] The single was produced and written by Doug Fieger, lead singer of The Knack, and issued on Cancel's newly formed independent label, Miguel Enterprises.[3]


In 1998, Cancel was recruited by his teammate Ray Reyes while he worked in the kitchen of a fast food restaurant in the suburbs of Los Angeles to join El Reencuentro, a group consisting of former Menudo members. The band recorded and issued an album of previously released Menudo songs and toured throughout the world in promotion of the album.


In 2003, Cancel became a police officer of the Coral Gables, Florida Police Department. In December 2004, he was ejected from the back seat of a Coral Gables police van resulting in the loss of two fingers from his left hand.[4]

Cancel currently lives in Miami, Florida, with his family. He has 4 children Sasha Cancel, Isabella Cancel, Miguel Cancel, and Mariaangelik Cancel.

In 2012, Cancel announced that he would again be returning to the music industry as a solo artist, his first solo effort having been in 1984.

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