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Miguel Fisac

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Miguel Fisac
Fotografía de Miguel Fisac, hacia 1950
Born29 September 1913 Edit this on Wikidata
Daimiel Edit this on Wikidata
Died12 May 2006 Edit this on Wikidata (aged 92)
Madrid Edit this on Wikidata
OccupationArchitect Edit this on Wikidata
WorksMoroder Building, headquarters of Secretaría General de Pesca del Ministerio de Agricultura, Alimentación y Medio Ambiente, iglesia de Santa Ana y Nuestra Señora de la Esperanza Edit this on Wikidata
Websitehttp://fundacionfisac.com/la-fundacion/origen-y-estructura-2/ Edit this on Wikidata

Miguel Fisac Serna (1913–2006) was a Spanish architect, urban planner, and painter.[1][2] He was a member of Opus Dei from 1935 to 1955,[3] but later publicly criticized that organization as well as the character of its founder, Mons. Josemaría Escrivá.



He was born 29 September 1913 in Daimiel in Spain.[4][1] His father was Joaquín Fisac, his mother Amparo Serna.[5] He had six brothers and sisters, among them Dolores 'Lola' Fisac (1909-2005), who became one of the first female Opus Dei members.[6] He moved to Madrid aged 17 to study architecture. He was member of Catholic organization Opus Dei from 1935 till 1955, when he left.[3][1] He fled to France during the Civil War along with Opus Dei founder Josemaría Escrivá and a group of other members. He returned after the war, and graduated from ETSAM in 1942.[3] He married Ana María Badell in 1957.[7] He died 12 May 2006 in Madrid.[4]


  • Centro de Estudios Hidrográficos, Madrid (1963)[8]
  • Laboratorios Jorba, Madrid, known as La Pagoda (1967, demolished 1999)[1][2]


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