Miguel García Serrano

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Most Reverend
Miguel García Serrano
Archbishop of Manila
Miguel Garcia Serrano , O.S.A. (1620 - 1629).jpg
Church Catholic Church
Diocese Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Manila
In office 1618–1629
Predecessor Diego Vázquez de Mercado
Successor Hernando Guerrero
Ordination 1592
Consecration 1617
by Juan Pérez de la Serna
Personal details
Born 1569
Chinchón, Spain
Died June 14, 1629 (age 60)
Nationality Spanish
Previous post Bishop of Nueva Segovia (1616–1618)

Miguel García Serrano, O.S.A. (1569 – June 14, 1629) was a Roman Catholic prelate who served as the Archbishop of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Manila (1618–1629) and the Bishop of the Diocese of Nueva Segovia (1616–1618).[1][2]


Miguel García Serrano was born in Chinchón, Spain and ordained a priest of the Order of Saint Augustine in 1592.[2] On August 3, 1616, Pope Paul V appointed him Bishop of Nueva Segovia.[1][2] In 1617, he was consecrated bishop by Juan Pérez de la Serna, Archbishop of México.[1][2] On February 12, 1618, Pope Paul V appointed him Archbishop of Manila. During his episcopacy, Serrano ordained Augustin Tabuyo to the priesthood on December 18, 1621, likely making Tabuyo the first Filipino to become a priest on record.[3] Serrano served as Archbishop until his death on June 14, 1629.[1][2]

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Religious titles
Preceded by
Diego Soria
Bishop of Nueva Segovia
Succeeded by
Juan Rentería
Preceded by
Diego Vázquez de Mercado
Archbishop of Manila
Succeeded by
Hernando Guerrero