Miguel Krigsner

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Miguel Krigsner giving a speech during the XXIX Prêmio Jovem Cientista Ceremony on December, 05, 2018

Miguel Gellert Krigsner is a Bolivian-Brazilian entrepreneur. He is the president of the Brazilian company O Boticário,[1] the second major cosmetic company in the Southern Hemisphere (Natura is the first). Krigsner is also the founder of the Fundação de Proteção à Natureza, one of the main Brazilian environmental NGOs.

He was born in Bolivia into a Jewish family from La Paz. Born to Jacob Krigsner, a Polish Jew, and to Anneliese Krigsner, a German Jew. The Krigsners left Bolivia and moved to Brazil when Miguel was 11 years old, settling in the city of Curitiba.


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