Miguelanxo Prado

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Miguelanxo Prado
Miguelanxo Prado and Trazo de XIZ.jpg
Miguelanxo Prado with Trazo de XIZ
Born 1958
A Coruña, Galicia
Nationality Spanish
Area(s) artist, writer
Notable works
Trazo de Tiza
Awards full list

Miguelanxo Prado (Galician pronunciation: [miɣeˈlanʃo ˈpɾaðo]) is a Galician comic book creator. He was born in A Coruña, Spain in 1958.


Trait de Craie, 1994

Prado studied architecture, wrote novels and painted before his career in comics.

He worked for several magazines and wrote delirious and fierce life-chronicles. He published his first albums at Les Humanoïdes Associés: Chienne de Vie (1988), C'est du Sport (1989) and Y'a Plus de Justice (1991).

His best-known comic book is Trazo de Tiza or Trait de craie (Streak of Chalk, 1992). This is a dream-like, experimental "impossible" story about a man on an island, unable to distinguish dream from reality, or present from past. For this album, Prado won several awards, among others the Alph'Art for the Best Foreign Album at the Angoulême International Comics Festival, receiving this award for the second time; the first time was in 1991 for Manuel Montano. In April 2007 he was awarded the Grand Prize at the Salón del Cómic of Barcelona.[1]

Prado's animated feature film, De Profundis (film) (gl) was released in 2007.[2]




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