Mihai Găinușă

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Mihai Găinuşă

Mihai Alexandru Găinuşă (born November 6, 1970 in Sibiu) is a Romanian radio and TV star, hosting together with Șerban Huidu the morning show on Kiss FM radio and a weekly satire show (Cronica Cârcotaşilor) on the Romanian station Prima TV.

Mihai Găinuşă graduated from the Superior School of Journalism in Bucharest and received scholarships at Media schools in Strasbourg and Paris. He also authored four books:

  • Trialoguri cârcotaşe ("Nagging Trialogues", 2003)
  • Cotcodăceli ("Cackles", 2004) - a self-satirizing reference to his surname (găinuşă means "little hen" or "pullet" in Romanian)
  • Fără cap şi fără coadă ("No head, no tail", 2007)
  • Povestiri mortale ("Mortal Stories", 2009)


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