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Mihail Jora (Romanian pronunciation: [mihaˈil ˈʒora]; 2 August 1891, Roman, Romania - 10 May 1971, Bucharest, Romania) was a Romanian composer, pianist, and conductor.[1] Jora studied in Leipzig with Robert Teichmüller. From 1929 to 1962 he was a professor at the conservatoire of Bucharest. He worked 1928 to 1933 as a director/conductor of the Broadcasting Orchestra in Bucharest. In 1944 he became vice-president of the society of Romanian composers: however, he soon came under the reproach of formalism into criticism of the new communist government. In 1953, he was rehabilitated and reallowed to join the Composers' Union.[clarification needed]

He composed six ballets, one symphony, two major orchestra works, chamber-musical works, and many pieces of piano, choir music, and vocal music.


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Preceded by
Principal Conductors, National Radio Orchestra of Romania
Succeeded by
Alfred Alessandrescu