Mihail Zervos

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Mihail Zervos
Nationality Greek
Fields Mathematical Finance, Optimal Stopping
Institutions London School of Economics, UK
Alma mater Imperial College London, UK
National Technical University of Athens, Greece
Academic advisors Mark Davis

Mihail Zervos is a Greek financial mathematician. He is Professor of Financial Mathematics at the London School of Economics.


Zervos received his MSc and PhD degrees from Imperial College London in 1995. After completing his PhD, he was a lecturer at the Department of Statistics, University of Newcastle, where he stayed until 2000. He then joined King's College London, initially as a lecturer and then as a reader in the Department of Mathematics. In 2006 he was appointed to the Chair in Financial Mathematics at the London School of Economics where he was tasked with founding a new Research Group in Financial Mathematics within the Departement of Mathematics.


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