Mihály Sáfrán

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Mihály Sáfrán
Mihalysafran canoe2.jpg
Personal information
Full name Mihály Zoltán Sáfrán
Nationality Hungarian
Born (1985-03-21) 21 March 1985 (age 33)
Győr, Hungary
Height 1.87 m (6 ft 2 in)[1]
Weight 89 kg (196 lb)[1]
Website paleosport.hu
Sport Sprint canoeing
Club Építők MDKC
Coached by Ligeti László, Soltész Árpád, Oláh Tamás
Now coaching Szabó Attila
Achievements and titles
Personal best(s) C-1 1000m 3:49, C-1 500m 1:49, C-2 1000m 3:32

Mihály Zoltán Sáfrán (born 21 March 1985 in Győr, Hungary)[1] is a Hungarian sprint canoer, fitness coach and quantum-biology author. He is a two-times European champion of the 1000 metres race in C-2 and C-4 (2009,2011), and a World Championship bronze medalist from 2011 in C-4 on the same distance. He has a 6th place from C-2 Canoe Marathon (2007) and C-4 1000m European Championship (2005), 5th place on WCh in C-2 1000m (2009). Two times national champion.

At age group events he has 2 gold medals from U23 European Championships in C-2 1000m (2007, 2008), 3 times bronze in C-2 500m (2007), C-2 1000m (2004), C-4 1000m (2006). He is a junior World Champion in C-1 1000m (2003), 2 times bronze medalist in C-4 1000m (2001) and C-4 500m (2003). 30 times national champion.

He also participated at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, eliminated in the semifinals of the C-2 500 m event.


His hobbies are nature, camping, reading, guitar, SUP, windsurf, surfing. He has a younger brother, Mátyás, who is also a sprint canoer and partners Mihály in the C-2 and C-4 boat as well.[1]




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