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Miharu Domain (三春藩 Miharu-han?) was a Japanese domain of the Edo period, located in Mutsu Province. It was ruled by three different families over the course of its history: the Katō (one generation, with the family headed by Katō Akitoshi), the Matsushita (one generation, headed by Matsushita Nagatsuna), and for the remainder of the Edo period by the Akita. The income rating under the first two families was 30,000 koku, but under the Akita it rose to 50,000.

In 1868, during the reign of Akita Akisue, the family was a signatory to the pact that created the Ouetsu Reppan Domei.

Genealogy of the Akita Lords[edit]

  1. Akita Toshisue (1598-1649), r. 1645-1649
  2. Akita Morisue (1620-1676)
  3. Akita Terusue (1649-1720)
  4. Akita Yorisue (1696-1743)
  5. Akita Harusue (1718-1773)
  6. Akita Sadasue (1726-1757)
  7. Akita Yukisue (1751-1813)
  8. Akita Yasusue (1776-1811)
  9. Akita Norisue (1786-1844)
  10. Akita Tomosue(1810-1865)
  11. Akita Akisue (1858-1907), r. 1865-1871