Miho: Journey to the Mountain

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Miho: Journey to the Mountain
Studio album by Paul Winter Consort
Released 2010
Recorded 2010
Genre New Age, World Fusion
Label Living Music
Paul Winter Consort chronology
Miho: Journey to the Mountain

Miho: Journey to the Mountain is an album by Paul Winter Consort, released in 2010 through the record label Living Music.[1] The album was commissioned by the Miho Museum in Kyoto, Japan to be a musical celebration of the museum. The museum is a unique piece of architecture, built on the top of a mountain, and partially tunneling into it, giving the experience of the museum being part of the Earth. The album was recorded in the corridors of the museum, which are naturally reverberant. In 2011, the album earned the group a Grammy Award for Best New Age Album.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Saxophone (Song of Miho)"
  2. "Sarangi (Dawn Raga)"
  3. "Arto (Before It's Too Late)"
  4. "English Horn (Theme from "On the Central Steppes of Asia", Borodin)"
  5. "Koto"
  6. "Frame Drums (Cedar Grove Dance)"
  7. "Bansuri & Saxophone"
  8. "Yangjin (Words of Wish Fulfillment)"
  9. "Bendir And Heckelphone"
  10. "Saxophone Reprise"
  11. "Arto (Singing to the Mountain)"
  12. "The Welcome (Song of Miho)"
  13. "Koto Spring"
  14. "Elephant Dance"
  15. "Whale Raga"
  16. "Love Is Not in Your Mind"
  17. "Twilight"
  18. "Andante (Bach)"
  19. "Remembering"
  20. "Saturday Night in Peach Blossom Valley"
  21. "Song of Miho"
  22. "Morning Sun"



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