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Miho Hatori
羽鳥 美保
Miho Hatori 2014.png
Miho Hatori performing with Cibo Matto in Argentina in 2014
Background information
BornTokyo, Japan
GenresAvant-garde, downtempo, trip hop, indie rock, world music
song writer
record producer
InstrumentsVocals, synthesizer, guitar, drums, percussion, keyboard
Years active1991–present
Associated actsCibo Matto
Smokey & Miho
Butter 08

Miho Hatori (羽鳥 美保, Hatori Miho, born in Tokyo, Japan) is a Japanese singer, songwriter, and musician. She is the vocalist of the New York City group Cibo Matto.[1] She also works in the virtual band Gorillaz, as the first person to provide the voice of animated member Noodle.


Hatori expressed an early interest in music while growing up in Japan. She worked at a used record shop Flash Disc Ranch in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo where she was exposed to many different styles of music, and sometimes performed as a club DJ. Her earliest history in a music project dates to 1991 when she joined the hip hop group Kimidori, although she eventually left the group in 1992. Miho then moved to the United States, New York circa 1993 to study art. The first New York band she was in was a punk band called Leitoh Lychee for which she provided the vocals, and also played violin through a distortion effects pedal.

It was as a member of Leitoh Lychee where she first met her Cibo Matto co-founder Yuka Honda in 1994. Cibo Matto went on to release two albums, Viva! La Woman in 1996 and Stereo ★ Type A in 1999. She also contributed vocals to Cibo Matto bandmate Sean Lennon's solo album, Into the Sun in 1998. Cibo Matto broke up in 2001, but came back with a reunion tour in 2011.

While Cibo Matto was touring with Beck, Hatori and Beck guitarist Smokey Hormel discovered a shared love of bossa nova and samba, which eventually resulted in their Brazilian-styled musical project Smokey & Miho. Other artists she has worked with include Handsome Boy Modeling School on the album So... How's Your Girl?, DJ Towa Tei, Stephin Merritt's The 6ths, The Baldwin Brothers, Beastie Boys, Blackalicious, Peter Daily, Greg Kurstin (Action Figure Party), Forró in the Dark, John Zorn, and The Incredible Moses Leroy. Miho has also performed solo and on October 21, 2005 her first solo album, Ecdysis was released in Japan, later to the American and European market. The song, "Birthday Cake," from the first Cibo Matto album was used in the Xbox game, Jet Set Radio Future.

Solo discography[edit]


  • Ecdysis (2005)
  • Miss Information (2018)


  • Amazon To LeFrak (as New Optimism) (2018)


  • "Baracuda" (2006)



Film works[edit]

  • Shindo (Japanese film)
  • The Killing of a Chinese Cookie
  • xXx: AForbidden Love Story (Diesel's short film by Alexi Tan)


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