Miho Komatsu

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Miho Komatsu
Native name 小松 未歩
Born (1974-03-30) March 30, 1974 (age 41)[1]
Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan
Genres Japanese Pop
Occupation(s) Singer, song writer
Instruments Electone, vocals
Years active 1997–2009
Labels Zain Records (1997–1998)
Amemura-O-Town Record (1998–1999)
Giza Studio (1999–2005)
Associated acts Rina Aiuchi
Field of View
Website miho-komatsu.com

Miho Komatsu (小松 未歩 Komatsu Miho?, born March 30, 1974), is a former Japanese pop singer and songwriter. Four of her songs were included in The Best of Detective Conan, a soundtrack album for the anime Case Closed.[2] She also composed several songs for other artists, such as Arisa Tsujio, Wands, Field of View, Deen, and Rina Aiuchi.[citation needed] So far, she has recorded 26 singles and 11 albums.

Early life and music career[edit]

Komatsu was born on March 30, 1974, in Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.[3][unreliable source?] In 1997, she signed with ZAIN Records.[3][unreliable source?]

1997 to 1999[edit]

Komatsu wrote Field of View's seventh single, titled "Kono Machi de Kimi to Kurashitai", released in April 1997.[citation needed] A month later, she debuted as a singer and released her first single, "Nazo". The song was used as an opening theme for the anime Case Closed and sold more than 300,000 copies.[citation needed] In January 1998, she released her third single, "Negaigoto Hitotsu Dake". The song was used as the fifth ending theme for Case Closed.[citation needed]

1999 until hiatus[edit]

Komatsu released her first single, titled "Saitan Kyori de". Her 24th single, "I Just Wanna Hold You Tight", was chosen as an ending theme for the anime MÄR.[citation needed] She released two more singles before going on hiatus in 2005.



No. Information
1st "Nazo" (?)
  • Released: 28 May 1997
2nd "Kagayakeru Hoshi" (輝ける星?)
  • Released: 25 September 1997
3rd "Negai Goto Hitotsu Dake" (願い事ひとつだけ?)
  • Released: 14 January 1998
4th "Anybody's Game"
  • Released: 18 March 1998
5th "Chance" (チャンス?)
  • Released: 19 August 1998
6th "Kōri no ue ni Tatsu yō ni" (氷の上に立つように?)
  • Released: 14 October 1998
7th "Sayonara no Kakera" (さよならのかけら?)
  • Released: 3 March 1999
8th "Saitan Kyori de" (最短距離で?)
  • Released: 8 May 1999
9th "Kaze ga Soyogu Basho" (風がそよぐ場所?)
  • Released: 30 June 1999
10th "Anata ga Iru kara" (あなたがいるから?)
  • Released: 21 June 2000
11th "Kimi no Me ni wa Utsuranai" (君の瞳には映らない?)
  • Released: 18 October 2000
12th "Love Gone"
  • Released: 31 January 2001
13th "Todomaru Koto no nai Ai" (とどまることのない愛?)
  • Released: 30 May 2001
14th "Saigo no Toride" (さいごの砦?)
  • Released: 8 August 2001
15th "Aishiteru..." (愛してる...?)
  • Released: 5 December 2001
16th "Dance""
  • Released: 29 May 2002
17th "Mysterious Love""
  • Released: 27 November 2002
18th "Futari no Negai" (ふたりの願い?)
  • Released: 19 March 2003
19th "Watashi Sagashi" (私さがし?)
  • Released: 25 June 2003
20th "Tsubasa wa Nakutemo" (翼はなくても?)
  • Released: 26 November 2003
21st "Namida Kirari Tobase" (涙キラリ飛ばせ?)
  • Released: 28 April 2004
22nd "Suna no Shiro" (砂のしろ?)
  • Released: 28 July 2004
23rd "I~Dareka" (I~誰か?)
  • Released: 20 October 2004
24th "I Just Wanna Hold You Tight"
  • Released: 18 May 2005
25th "Anata Iro" (あなた色?)
  • Released: 17 August 2005
26th "Koi ni Nare..." (恋になれ?)
  • Released: 7 December 2005

Remix albums[edit]

Year Title Peak position
2002 Miho Komatsu "Wonderful World": Single Remixes and More 20

Ballad selection albums[edit]

Year Title Peak position
2003 Lyrics 45

Anime soundtracks[edit]


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