Mihran Azaryan

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Büyükada Pier constructed by Mihran Azaryan

Mihran Azaryan (Born Izmit, Ottoman Empire 1876 – died Istanbul, Turkey 1952)[1] was an Ottoman and Turkish architect who is best known for having designed and constructed the Büyükada Pier and possibly the Izmit Clock Tower.

He was the son of Bedros Azaryan, an Ottoman Armenian, who was a graduate of the Ottoman Royal School of Engineering (tr). Mihran Azaryan graduated from Sanayi-i Nefise Mekteb-i Âlisi (today Mimar Sinan University of Fine Arts).[2] His military service was in Istanbul between 1914-1918 and it was during this period that he realized the Büyükada Pier.[2] After this time in Istanbul, he lived and worked in Izmit for a while and then moved to Samsun where he continued his profession.[2] In 1935 he returned to Istanbul and continued working as an architect. Azaryan died in Istanbul, in 1952.


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