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Mika'ela Fisher
Mika'Ela Fisher by Andreas Licht.jpg
Born Munich, Germany
Residence Paris, France
Nationality German
Education Master Academy of tailoring, Actor's Studio
  • Actress
  • director
  • writer
  • producer
  • model
  • master tailor
Height 178 cm (5 ft 10 in)
Website chrysoprasfilms.com

Mika'ela Fisher (born in Bavaria, Germany), also known as Mika'Ela Fisher or Mikaela Fisher (the correct spelling of the first name is with an apostrophe ), is a German actress, film director, writer, producer,[1][2] model,[3] and master tailor.[4] She gained recognition as an actor for her role in the movie Tell No One (Ne le dis à personne).[5] In 2013 she produced and directed her first short film, Die Tapferen Haende im Chaos der Zeit.[6]



Tell No One Mika'Ela Fisher

Mika'Ela Fisher has worked for the bespoke tailoring house [7] Max Dietl [8] in Munich, having obtained her master's degree as a bespoke tailor. She showcased her work at the world master tailors' convention in Paris (Congrès Mondial des Maitres Tailleurs).[9]

She posed as a model[10] for French painters Boussignac and Hubert de Lartigue; and modeled for many years for the fashion houses Martin Margiela, Hermès, John Galliano,[11] Gilles Rosier, Undercover, Eley Kishimoto, among others.


After years in the fashion world, she tried her hand in acting, following the acting courses of Jack Waltzer and John Strasberg. Fisher's portrayal of Zak, a ruthless killer in Guillaume Canet's Tell No One, was critically acclaimed, especially in the U.S. media.[12]

Mika'Ela Fisher portrait by Roy Stuart

She started directing in 2013 by the biographical short film Die Tapferen Haende im Chaos der Zeit (Valiant Hands in the Chaos of Time), for which she is both director,[13] producer and costume designer. This film has been selected at several festivals (Columbus International Film and Video Festival [14][15] Maverick Movie Awards ,[16] Indie Fest, Revelation Perth International Film Festival,...) [17] and was honored with awards in categories such as best director, Best Short Film, best soundtrack, Best of Art, Best Costume Design .[18][19]

Victory's Short, her second short film as a director and producer, has been nominated at the Milan International Film Festival (MIFF Awards 2015).[20]

In her third film Männin, inspired by Martin Luther's Bible, she plays the dual role of Adam and Eve. [21][22]

Her short movies started a theatrical run on 7 January 2015 and a second time on 16 December 2015 in France.[23]

In the feature documentary L'architecte textile (2017) [24] about sartorial art, she filmed herself while she was making a three-piece suit.[25] The film takes part as an official selection in Art Architecture Design at the Newport Beach Film Festival 2018. [26][27] The follow up will be a feature musical drama now in development, Die Höhenluft (Pure Air of the Mountain).[28] Fisher is a member of Women in Film and Television.

Filmography as an actress[edit]

L'architecte textile de Mika'Ela Fisher

Filmography as a director[edit]

Year Film Notes
2013 Die Tapferen Haende im Chaos der Zeit Short Film

French Title: Les Mains courageuses dans le chaos du temps English Title: Valiant Hands in the Chaos of Time
also Writer/ Producer
Nominated –Best Director Maverick Movie Awards 2013
Won – The Silver Chris Award (Best of Art) Columbus International Film & Video Festival 2014
Won – Award of Merit (Film Short) Accolade Global Film Competition 2015
Won – Award of Recognition (Experimental) Indie Fest 2015
Won – Award of Merit (Costume Designl)
Indie Fest 2015

2014 Victory's Short Short Film
also Producer
Nominated – (Best Short Film) Milan International Film Festival Awards MIFF 2015
2015 Männin Short Film
also Writer/ Producer
Won – The Award of Merit (Women Filmmakers) Accolade Global Film Competition 2015
Nominated – (Best Short Film Avant-garde) American Psychological Association APA Film Festival 2015
2017 L'architecte textile Feature Documentary
also Writer/ Producer
Official Selection – Art Architecture Design Newport Beach Film Festival 2018
2019 Die Höhenluft Feature Film

French Title: L'air de la Montagne English Title: Pure Air of the Mountain
also Writer/ Producer
in development

Awards and nominations[edit]


Mika Ela Fisher Männin


  • 2015: best short film at the American Psychological Association APA Film Festival for Männin
  • 2015: best short film at Milan International Film Festival Awards for Victory's Short
  • 2013: best director at Maverick Movie Awards for Die Tapferen Haende im Chaos der Zeit
  • 2013: best actress at Northwest Ohio Independent Film Festival for The Naked Leading the Blind
  • 2012: best supporting actress at Maverick Movie Awards for The Naked Leading the Blind


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