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Mika G. Yamaji
Mika on set2.JPG
Yamaji on the set of On the Condition, December 2003
Born Mika Gloria Yamaji
Tokyo, Japan
Years active 2003 - present

Mika G. Yamaji (born January 3, 1978) is a film director, screenwriter, poet and author. Mika graduated from Brown University with a double major in Economics and English Literature. At Brown, Mika wrote and directed her first play, Glock 17. Upon graduation, Mika wrote, directed and two short films in Tokyo with sponsorship from Nikkatsu Studios.

Mentored by avant garde Japanese film director Toyoda Toshiaki, Mika worked with veteran cinematographer Yasushi Sasakibara and lighting director Hideyuki Yasukochi, editor Kusakabe Mototaka and producer Kikuchi Miyoshi.

Mika started big bully films, a film production company, in May 2008.

Mika was also one of the recipients of MDA's Feature Film Fund[1]

Mika published her first collection of poetry, 86 Benevolent Street[2] in 2010 with the support of a grant from National Arts Council of Singapore.[3]

Mika enjoys fishing and single malt scotch.[4]



Short Films

  • On the Condition (2002) (digital, 18 min.)
  • The Perfect Afternoon (2003) (35mm, 10 min.)
  • Dreams of a Cafe (2009) (16mm, 3 min.)
  • Cherry Red (2009) (HD, 16 min.)
  • Hanging Gardens (2010) (Canon 5D Mark II HD, 12 min.)


  • Glock 17
  • London Town
  • Koi
  • Sweet Crude Oil
  • Watch My A** (with Sean McCully)


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