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Mikael Delta began his music career in the 1990s with Stereo Nova (an electro group in Greece).

Music career[edit]

His first solo project was titled "T19" and it was influenced by Detroit's techno sound. In 1996 he released his first EP on R&S Records, titled The Picture. The same year he made a live appearance in Berlin's Tresor Club promoting The Picture. The album Blue Emotions was released in 1999 by Glasgow Underground Recordings. In June 2000, Mikael released To Chroma Tis Imeras (The Colour of the Day) with the participation of Tania Tsanaklidou, from which the single Delta feat Tania Tsana - Mia Agapi Mikri (faithful mix) was featured on Buddha Bar's "Siddharta" compilation,[1] produced by DJ Ravin. In 2001 Mikael signed with the French label Distance Records, on which he released the albums Halcyon Days and Vulnerable. In summer 2002, DJ Mag interviewed Mikael and ranked Halcyon Days citing it "one of the best albums of the year".

Music for film[edit]

Mikael has also written the music score for films and theatre plays and has appeared on MTV's 120 minutes program for airing of the T19 album hit Mosfera. This was the second time Mikael Delta was featured on MTV, after their debut on MTV Europe being awarded as Stereo Nova "the best Greek group of 1994".[2]

He wrote the film scores for the Panos H. Koutras films Real Life in 2004 and Strella released in 2009.


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