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For other people of the same name, see Michael Cole (disambiguation).
This article is about the professional wrestler, Michael Cole. For the WWE announcer, see Michael Cole.
Mikael Judas
Mikael Judas.jpg
Birth name Michael Cole
Born July 25, 1974[1]
Professional wrestling career
Ring name(s) Mikael Adryan[1]
Mikael Judas[1]
Billed height 6 ft 7 in (2.01 m)[1][3]
Billed weight 272 lb (123 kg)[1][3]
Billed from The Heart of Darkness
Charlotte, North Carolina[3]
Trained by Brodie Chase[1]
Mikki Free[1]
Debut June 1999[1]

Michael Cole[citation needed] (born July 25, 1974) is an American professional wrestler best known by the ring name Mikael Judas and for his tenure in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling under the ring name Murphy.

Professional wrestling career[edit]

Mikael Judas debuted in June 1999 and began working for many independent promotions located in the southeast of the United States.

National Wrestling Alliance (2002–2011)[edit]

Mikael Judas became a part of NWA Wildside as the 1 Man Mafia Mikal Adryan in May 2002 as part of The Elite Swingers.

In June 2003 that group disbanded and he and Murder 1 became The Dark City Soldiers in June 2003. December 2003 Jeff G. Bailey offered Judas a chance to be a part of the NWA ELITE with Rainman, Azreal and Jason Cross.

NWA Wildside shut down in April 2005 being replaced by NWA Anarchy

Judas has had Dark matches with both WWE and TNA.

After the death of NWA Wildside, Judas became a top star with NWA Anarchy, including winning the NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Championship at Hostile Environment in 2005. Judas is the 2 time NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Champion, having defeated former champ, Shadow Jackson and was managed by Mr. Cid Istic Esq. He would lose the title on January 8, 2011 to Tank ending his reign 252 days.

(Left to right) Gunner and Murphy on TNA Impact! in July 2010

Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (2010–2011)[edit]

On the June 23, 2010, tapings of Total Nonstop Action Wrestling's Impact! television show, Judas made his debut along with fellow worker Phill Shatter as TNA's on-air security. This is considered an extended tryout for the two, and may lead to "something bigger" down the line. On the July 29, 2010 edition of TNA Impact! taping, Judas, now using the name Murphy, and Shatter, using the name Gunner, came out after an altercation involving Jeff Hardy and Mr. Anderson with Matt Morgan, and attacked Hardy and Anderson, thus turning heel. They then teamed with Morgan in a handicap match, where they were defeated by Hardy and Anderson.[2][4] After appearing with Morgan the following week, Gunner and Murphy's angle with him was discontinued and they went back to being regular security guards.[5][6] On the October 21 edition of Impact! Gunner and Murphy aligned themselves with Jeff Jarrett and helped him beat down Samoa Joe.[7] At Turning Point Gunner and Murphy interfered in a match between Jarrett and Joe, helping Jarrett pick up the win.[8] On the following edition of Impact! Gunner and Murphy made their in–ring return, losing to Samoa Joe in a handicap match.[9] After Jarrett's feud with Samoa Joe ended, Gunner and Murphy became regular members of the Immortal stable and were less involved with Jarrett. At the December 9 tapings of Xplosion Gunner and Murphy picked up their first win in TNA, defeating Ink Inc. (Jesse Neal and Shannon Moore) in a tag team match.[10] On February 13, 2011, at Against All Odds, Gunner and Murphy wrestled their first TNA PPV match, a six man tag team match, where they teamed with their Immortal stablemate Rob Terry in a losing effort against James Storm, Robert Roode and Scott Steiner.[11] In February both Gunner and Murphy signed two–year contracts with TNA, which saw them moved from their roles as just security guards into the active roster.[12] On the February 24 edition of Impact!, Gunner and Murphy defeated Eric Young and Orlando Jordan to earn their first shot at the TNA World Tag Team Championship, held by Beer Money, Inc. (James Storm and Robert Roode).[13] They would receive their shot at the title on the following edition of Impact!, but were defeated by Beer Money, Inc.[14] On the March 17 edition of Impact!, Murphy would wrestle in a three–way dance for the vacant TNA Television Championship against Gunner and Rob Terry. Gunner would go on to win the match and the title.[15] While Gunner went on to defend his newly won title, Murphy formed a new partnership with Terry and together the two of them went on to unsuccessfully challenge Beer Money, Inc. for the TNA World Tag Team Championship in a steel cage match on the April 21 edition of Impact!.[16] On the May 5 edition of Impact!, Murphy was kicked out of Immortal after losing a "Loser Leaves Immortal" match against Rob Terry.[17]

Murphy was inactive until October 13, when his profile was removed from TNA roster page.

In wrestling[edit]

Judas performing El Crucifijo.
  • Finishing moves
  • Signature moves
  • Managers
  • Jeff G. Bailey
  • Mr. Cid Istic
  • Nicknames
  • "The Priest of Punishment"
  • "One Man Mafia"
  • "Sacrifice" by Dale Oliver (2010–2011) (TNA)
  • "Immortal Theme" by Dale Oliver (Used while part of Immortal) (TNA) [19]
  • "O Fortuna" by Carl Orff (Part of the Carmina Burana work) (2005-present) (NWA Anarchy)

Championships and accomplishments[edit]

  • Pro Wrestling Evolution
    • PWE Heavyweight Championship (1 time)


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