Mikael Jungner

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Mikael Jungner

Mikael Jungner (born 20 April 1965 in Helsinki) is the former party secretary of the Social Democratic Party of Finland, a member of the Finnish parliament and a former managing director of the Finnish national broadcaster Yle. He grew up on the Finnish west coast in the city of Vaasa. He started a five-year term as Managing Director of Yle on the 1 May 2005. Although he sought another term, the political board of Yle replaced him with Lauri Kivinen on 1 May 2010. Jungner's term as the managing director of Yle can be considered to have been a success.[1]

Jungner was the director of information society relations at Microsoft Corporation 2002-2004. He was formerly the Parliamentary secretary and aide of former Prime Minister Paavo Lipponen. In May 2010, Jungner was elected as the party secretary of the SDP.[2]

Mikael Jungner was married to Yle speaker Maria Jungner 2007–2013. Currently he lives with Emilia Poikkeus, who is 26 years younger than Jungner.[3]