Mikage Station (Hankyu)

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Mikage Station
Kobe Hankyu MikageStation.jpg
Location Mikage-Yamate Itchome, Higashinada, Kobe, Hyōgo
Operated by Hankyu Railway
Line(s) Kōbe Main Line
Opened 1920
Passengers ([1]) 3,409,000

Mikage Station (御影駅 Mikage-eki?) is a train station on the Hankyu Railway Kōbe Main Line in Higashinada-ku, Kobe, Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan.


The station opened on July 16, 1920, simultaneously with the opening of the Kobe Main Line.[2]


The station has two side platforms serving two tracks. The south ticket gate is underground and connected with each platform by each stairs and each elevator. The north gate is accessible and is directly connected to the east-bound platform.[3]

south side  Kobe Line for Kobe-sannomiya, Shinkaichi, and the Sanyo Railway Main Line
north side  Kobe Line for Osaka (Umeda), Nishinomiya-Kitaguchi, Kyoto, and Takarazuka

West of the station is a short siding between the two tracks for train up to six cars. From April 7, 1968 to February 14, 1998, trains of Sanyo Electric Railway operated on the Hankyu line between Sannomiya and Rokkō used this siding to change the direction. Presently it is regularly used by out-of-service trains (forwarding of additional cars for peak hours).[4]


North of the station features a beautiful lake (Fukadaike Park). Fishing is allowed. Commercial facilities near the station include two convenient stores (Lawson), a book shop and a bakery.

Bus transport[edit]

In front of the station is a bus that goes to Rokko Island (220 Yen)

Adjacent stations[edit]

« Service »
Hankyu Railway Kōbe Main Line
Okamoto   Local   Rokko
Okamoto   Commutation Express   Rokko
Okamoto   Express   Rokko
Rapid Express: Does not stop at this station
Limited Express: Does not stop at this station
Morning Commutation Limited Express: Does not stop at this station
Extra Limited Express (Kosoku Kobe - Arashiyama): Does not stop at this station


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Coordinates: 34°43′29″N 135°15′09″E / 34.72472°N 135.25250°E / 34.72472; 135.25250