Mikaho Gymnasium

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Sapporo Mikaho Gymnasium
Location Sapporo, Japan
Owner Sapporo City
Operator Sapporo Health Sports Foundation
Opened 1970

The Sapporo Mikaho Gymnasium (札幌市美香保体育館 Sapporo-shi Mikaho Taiikukan?) is an indoor sporting arena in Higashi-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan.

It was built in October 1970, and has an area of 6,267 m² in total. Mikaho Gymnasium was one of the venues for figure skating at the 11th Winter Olympic Games held in Sapporo in February 1972.

The gym is currently used as a skating rink in winter (for figure skating, leisure skating and curling), and as a gym in the summer months. After the Olympics, it was shortly used as a heated swimming pool in the summer.

It is located next to three baseball diamonds, and four tennis courts.


The gymnasium is 10 minutes' walk from Kita-Nijūyo-Jō Station on the Namboku Line.


Coordinates: 43°05′22″N 141°21′26″E / 43.089368°N 141.357087°E / 43.089368; 141.357087