Mikako Takahashi

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Mikako Takahashi
Born 高橋 美佳子 (Takahashi Mikako?)
(1980-05-29) May 29, 1980 (age 35)
Chiba Prefecture, Japan
Occupation Voice actress

Mikako Takahashi (高橋 美佳子 Takahashi Mikako?, born May 29, 1980 in Chiba Prefecture) is a Japanese voice actress and J-pop singer.[1][better source needed] As the Excel Saga character Mikako Hyatt, she forms one half of the voice acting duo The Excel Girls (the other half being Yumiko Kobayashi).[1] She is employed by I'm Enterprise.



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Album released January 30, 2008

  1. 空を飛べ - (Sora o Tobe)
  2. Love mail
  3. マニキュア - (Manicure)
  4. 好きな人 - (Suki na Hito)
  5. 走れ - (Hashire)
  6. ショートカット- (Short Cut)
  7. 星の王子様- (Hoshi no Oujisama)
  8. PINK
  9. 制服 - (Seifuku)
  10. 恋風嵐 - (Koikaze Arashi)


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