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The Attack on Titan manga and anime series feature an extensive cast of fictional characters created by Hajime Isayama. The story is set in a world where humanity lives in cities surrounded by enormous walls; a defense against the Titans, gigantic humanoids that eat humans seemingly without reason. The story initially centers on Eren Yeager with his childhood friends Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert, who join the military to fight the Titans after their home town is invaded and Eren's mother is eaten. They are part of the 104th Training Corps, whose graduates assume different positions in the Military, including the Garrison Regiment, the Survey Corps and the Military Police Brigade. It is later revealed that the area where the Walls are located is called Paradis (パラディ, Paradi) and that it is the last territory of Eldia (エルディア, Erudia). There are other empires outside the walls, namely Marley (マーレ, Māre), of which several of its key leaders have infiltrated Paradis as Titans.

Main characters[edit]

Eren Yeager (エレン・イェーガー, Eren Yēgā, alt. "Eren Jaeger")
The main protagonist of the series who, after witnessing his mother being devoured by a Titan, dedicates his life to their eradication. After graduating fifth in his cadet class, he is swallowed by a bearded Titan during his first mission in Trost.[vol. 1] However, he soon reappears as a 15-meter (49 ft) Titan who fights other Titans on equal ground.[vol. 1][vol. 2] His ability as a Titan makes him the target of multiple parties that include those who see him as a tool to eradicate the Titans, other humans who can become Titans, and those who perceive Eren as a rebellion-inducing threat to the status quo.[vol. 2,3] Placed into the Survey Corps' Special Operations Squad, he attempts to control his Titan-changing ability and discovers he has other abilities as well. Author Hajime Isayama stated that Eren's Titan form's physique was modeled after middleweight mixed martial artist Yushin Okami.[1][2]
Eren is voiced by Yūki Kaji.[GB p.19] In the Funimation English dub, his name is spelled Eren Jaeger and he is voiced by Bryce Papenbrook.[3] In the live-action film, Eren is portrayed by Haruma Miura.[4] In his voicing, Papenbrook noted the character's guttural screams and the "raw sound" and "disgusting and dirty" voice of Eren's Titan form.[5]
Mikasa Ackerman (ミカサ・アッカーマン, Mikasa Akkāman, alt. "Mikasa Ackermann")
Mikasa is Eren's childhood friend who was taken in by his family.[GB p. 36] She is a quiet and withdrawn girl and maintains a stoic expression except when it comes to Eren, and has been seen to go berserk when Eren is at risk. When Mikasa's parents were killed by slave traders, she went into shock until Eren saves her and motivates her to fight back.[ch. 6][ep 6] As a result, she is very protective of Eren, and follows him wherever she can in joining the military and its related divisions and squads.[vol. 2,3][GB p.37] She is the last-known person of Asian descent residing in the Walls[ch. 6][ep 6][GB p.39] She graduates at the top of the cadet class,[ch. 2] and is regarded by officers as an unprecedented genius and prodigy, easily worth a hundred men in battle.[vol. 3,4] In the author's blog, Isayama notes that her name comes from the Mikasa, a battleship from the Imperial Japanese Navy.[6]
Mikasa is voiced by Yui Ishikawa.[GB p.20] In the English dub, her last name is spelled Ackermann, and she is voiced by Trina Nishimura.[7][8] In the live-action film, she is portrayed by Kiko Mizuhara.[4] Ishikawa says that Mikasa cares mainly about Eren, and keeps a distance from the rest of the world. She says that "While she might seem like a character with so few emotional levels, there are actually many feelings that swirl around her heart."[GB p.20]
Armin Arlert (アルミン・アルレルト, Arumin Arureruto, alt. "Armin Arlelt")
Armin is Eren's childhood friend who joins him in the Scouts to order to make a meaningful difference in the world, and to fulfill his dream of seeing the outside world.[ch. 84] He initially has an inferiority complex, believing he barely passed the combat graduation exam (but was top of the class academically)[ch. 3], and whining that he hates being cowardly and having to rely on friends all the time.[ch. 11] However as the story progresses he gains confidence in himself and his abilities when he realizes that he can use his brain.[ep 10] Despite his self-perceived shortcomings, he vigorously defends Eren when the Military wanted to fire cannons at them, and brings Eren out of his feral Titan state following the latter's second full transformation where he attacks Mikasa,[vol. 3] Armin convinces Eren to overcome his hesitation to fight Annie. In the military, he impresses the higher-ups by deducing the human identity of the Female Titan.[ep 24][GB p. 40-43]
Later chapters describe him as being intelligent, a talented tactician, a deep thinker with good judgement, level-headedness, and ability to think outside the box.[ch. 82] During a battle at Shinganshina, Armin comes up with a plan to defeat the Colossus Titan where he acts as bait for Eren to capture Bertolt. The plan succeeds, but his body is severely burned in the occasion. [ch. 82] However, Levi saves his life by injecting him with Titan serum, and he acquires the Colossus Titan's power after eating the captured Bertolt.[ch. 84]
Armin is voiced by Marina Inoue.[GB p.20] The English dub spells his last name Arlelt,[ep 1] and Josh Grelle voices him.[9] In the live-action feature film, Kanata Hongō plays Armin. Inoue describes Armin as "withdrawn but slowly grows to the point where he's able to say what he believes".[GB p.20]
Reiner Braun (ライナー・ブラウン, Rainā Buraun)
Ranked second of the trainee class,[ch. 2] Reiner is described as strong as an ox, and able to earn the trust of his comrades, but is motivated his desire of returning to his home.[GB p.56-57] While claiming to be from a mountain village southeast of Wall Maria when it was attacked by Titans[vol. 4], Reiner is later revealed to a Marleyan Warrior who acquired the power of the Armored Titan (鎧の巨人, Yoroi no Kyojin)[vol. 10-11]. As a 15-meter (49 ft) Titan, he destroyed Shingansina's inner gate while his group infiltrate the city of Shiganshina.[ep 2] He also assisted Annie during her attack on the 57th expedition by giving her intel on Eren's likely location while appearing to attack her. Reiner, having developed a dissociative identity disorder as a coping mechanism, eventually reveals his true allegiance. The Survey Corps defeat Reiner in a later battle at Shinganshina using an armor-piercing "Thunder Spear".[ch. 82]
In a post on his blog, author Hajime Isayama stated that the Armored Titan's physique was based on that of professional wrestler and mixed martial artist Brock Lesnar.[10] In 2017, Isayama announced in an interview with Illustration Magazine that Reiner was now a "main protagonist" character.[11] Reiner is voiced by Yoshimasa Hosoya in the Japanese anime.[12] Robert McCollum provides his voice in the English version.[9]

104th Training Corps[edit]

The 104th Training Corps (第104期訓練兵団, Dai-hyakuyon-ki Kunren Heidan, alt. "104th Cadet Corps") is the only graduating class introduced in the series and the southern division contains nearly all of the central characters. It was active during the years 847 through 850 when the remaining recruits graduated. In the manga, the top ten cadets were listed by their individual ranks,[ch. 2] but in the anime, the top ten are recognized as a group.[ep 4] Along with Eren, Mikasa, Armin, there are the following members:

Bertolt Hoover (ベルトルト・フーバー, Berutoruto Fūbā, alt. "Bertholdt Hoover"[13])
A Warrior who is part of the four-member team tasked to infiltrate Paradis and capture the Founding Titan. Enlisted in the 104th Training Corps and ranked third in the class,[ch. 2] Bertolt is described as having potential and able to master every skill he has been taught, but lacks drive and initiative.[ch. 18][vol. 5:profiles] Claiming to be from the same village as Reiner.[vol. 4][GB p.58-59], Bertolt is later revealed to a Marleyan Warrior who acquired the power of the Colossus Titan (超大型巨人, Chō-ōgata Kyojin, alt. "Colossal Titan"[ep 4]). As a 60-meter (200 ft)[ch. 9] Titan resembling a skinless humanoid;[vol. 10-11], Bertolt was the one to have caused the Wall Maria incident for his group's infiltration and later breaches Wall Trost a few years later.[ch. 4] One of his specialties as a Titan is releasing hot steam to protect himself and repel his opponents.[ch. 44] In Volume 12, Reiner hints that Bertolt is in love with Annie.[vol. 12] Bertolt is later forced to reveal his true allegiance after Reiner finally broke and exposed them. In a later battle at Shinganshina,[ch. 82] he is captured by Eren, and left to be eaten by Armin, who was injected with the Titan serum to have the former regain his human form.[ch. 83,84] Bertolt is voiced by Tomohisa Hashizume in the Japanese anime.[12] In the English dub, his name is spelled Bertholdt Hoover and he is voiced by David Matranga.[13]
Annie Leonhart (アニ・レオンハート, Ani Reonhāto)
A Warrior who is part of the four-member team tasked to infiltrate Paradis and capture the Founding Titan. A small-statured girl who is described as skilled in combat, and a realist who tends to be a loner.[ch. 18][vol. 5:profile] During cadet training, she teaches Eren some of her melee skills that she learned from her father along with the ideal of treating the world as her enemy.[ep 4][ch. 17] Having placed fourth in her class,[ch. 2] Annie joins the Military Police,[ch. 3] where she is regarded as being the quiet girl.[vol. 8][GB p.54-55] She is ultimately revealed to be a Warrior of Marley who obtained the power of the Female Titan (女型の巨人, Megata no Kyojin). Unlike other Titans, her 14-meter (46 ft) body has an unprecedented feminine body structure while able to harden parts of her skin and regenerate her body parts during fights.[ep 18][ep 20][ep 21][vol. 5,6]. As she, Reiner, and Berholt deduced Eren to be the Founding Titan, or Coordinate, they were sent to capture, Annie also caused the death of Marco Bott during the Battle of Trost and later used his Gear to personally kill the captive Titans Sawney and Bean.[ep 19][ep 23][vol. 8] Annie later assumes her Titan form to ambush the 57th expedition to Wall Maria while searching for Eren, using the intel Reiner secretly gave her to briefly capture Eren while killing off Levi's special operations squad.[ch. 29] However, she is outed during the Stohess District storyline after Armin determined her as the one who killed Sawney and Bean. Following her defeat, Annie encases herself in crystal to prevent further probing as to her motives.[ep 24][ch. 34][GB p.54-55] Annie is voiced by Yū Shimamura in the Japanese anime.[12] In the English dub, she is voiced by Lauren Landa.[9] At Magic City Comic-Con 2015, Landa said that she used a low-pitched and emotionless voice in portraying Annie.[14]
Jean Kirstein (ジャン・キルシュタイン, Jan Kirushutain, alt. "Jean Kirschtein")
A hot-headed guy who speaks his mind, he plans to join the Military Police in order to live safely within Wall Sheena.[ch. 3] He and Eren have opposing ideals; Jean thinks Eren is suicidal for wanting to be on the front line, while Eren thinks Jean is cowardly.[vol. 4] He graduates sixth in the class.[ch. 2] In the battle at Trost, when he leads a group to retreat to the supply house, he is shaken up that his decisions have led to the deaths of some of his comrades.[vol. 2] After his close friend Marco dies, he joins the Survey Corps.[ch. 18] Isayama said that Jean is his favorite character because he says what he thinks.[2][GB p.44-45] Jean is voiced by Kishō Taniyama in the Japanese anime. In the Funimation English version, his last name is spelled Kirschtein, and he is voiced by Mike McFarland.[15] In the live-action film, he is portrayed by Takahiro Miura.[4]
Marco Bott (マルコ・ボット, Maruko Botto)
Ranked seventh of the trainee class, Marco is from the Jinae District, and is close friends with Armin and Jean.[ch. 2] He wants to join the Military Police so he can serve King Fritz, only to end up being killed under mysterious circumstances near the end of the battle of Trost.[ch. 3,15][vol. 4] Annie having used Marco's gear to cover up her killing of Sonny and Bean, it is later revealed that his death was caused by her, Reiner, and Bertolt when he overheard they can turn into Titans; they took his gear so he would be killed by a Titan.[vol. 8][GB p.60-61][ch. 77] He is voiced by Ryōta Ōsaka in the Japanese anime.[12] In the English dub, his name is spelled Marco Bodt, and he is voiced by Austin Tindle.[15]
Connie Springer (コニー・スプリンガー, Konī Supuringā, alt. "Conny Springer"[15])
Connie hails from the Ragako District of Wall Rose.[ch. 15] He sports a buzz cut,[ch. 2] and has an outgoing and upbeat personality, trying his best to keep his teammates pumped up, not shying away from encounters with Titans.[ch. 3] His training instructor describes him as having a good sense of balance and effective at the vertical maneuvering equipment, but has a slow mind and makes strategic mistakes.[ch. 18] Having ranked eighth in his class,[ch. 2] he initially plans to join the Military Police, but changes his mind after hearing Eren's speech,[ch. 3] and eventually joins the Survey Corps.[ch. 21][GB p.46-47] Connie is voiced by Hiro Shimono in the Japanese dub of the anime.[12] In the Funimation dub, his name is spelled Conny Springer, and he is voiced by Clifford Chapin.[15]
Sasha Blouse (サシャ・ブラウス, Sasha Burausu, alt. "Sasha Braus")
Sasha is a hunter from the mountain Dauper District.[ch. 15] Her hair is styled in a ponytail.[ch. 2] She is noted as having remarkable instincts, but issues with structure.[vol. 4] She loves food, and was once nicknamed "Potato Girl" (芋女, Imo Onna) because she was eating one during a military drill.[16][GB p.60] She joins the military after getting into an argument with her father when he told her they had to give up their traditional lifestyle of hunting in the forest in favor of farming to support the large number of refugees moving to the area after the fall of Wall Maria.[ch. 36][GB p.48-49] While withdrawing from Liberio, Sasha was shot in the chest by Gabi, who had snuck onto the airship, fatally wounding Sasha, her last word was "Meat."[volume & issue needed] In the Japanese anime, Sasha is voiced by Yū Kobayashi.[12] In the Funimation English version, her last name is spelled Braus and she is voiced by Ashly Burch.[15] In the live-action film, she is portrayed by Nanami Sakuraba.[4]
Krista Lenz (クリスタ・レンズ, Kurisuta Renzu, alt. "Christa Lenz")
A petite girl who is described as friendly, warm-hearted,[ch. 16][vol. 5:profiles] and popular to the point where her peers regard her as a goddess or an angel, and want to marry her.[GB p.50-51] [ch. 24,39]. Her true identity is Historia Reiss (ヒストリア・レイス, Hisutoria Reisu), the illegitimate child of Rod Reiss[ch. 41-42], she was raised by her mother at a farm where she only interacted with her once, during which her mother pushed her away and wished she had the courage to kill her. She then lived with her grandparents. After the fall of Wall Maria, Historia was introduced to her father Rod Reiss, but when a group of men surround them with her mother killed. Rod convinces the men to spare her and let her live among the refugees, where she assumes the name Krista Lenz, which came from a book she had read.[vol. 12,13] Krista later joins the 104th Training Corps where she ranked tenth in her trainee class,[ch. 2] and participated in the defense of Trost in the year 850.[ch. 5,11][GN p.50] When Ymir sacrifices herself to save her at Castle Utgard, caring for her friend even after revealing herself to be Titan, Krista honors the promise they made prior by revealing her true identity.[vol. 12][vol. 13] Though Reiss attempted to have Historia restore their family's rule by turning her into a Titan and eat Eren to take the Founding Titan, Historia refuses to aid him and helps the Survey Corp take her father down after he turned into a Titan.[vol. 16][vol. 17] After personally killing Rod and revealing herself to the public, Historia uses her status as queen to relinquish most of her ruling duties to the Military while using the money confiscated from disowned nobles to improve the lives of orphans and the homeless.[volume & issue needed] Krista is voiced by Shiori Mikami in the Japanese anime.[12][17] In the Funimation English version, her alias is spelled Christa Lenz, and she is voiced by Bryn Apprill.[15]
Ymir (ユミル, Yumiru)
A member of the 104th graduating class and a close friend of Krista.[ch. 36] She stays distant from her other training classmates and is harsh and critical. It is also hinted that she held back her abilities so that Krista could place tenth in the training corps standings.[GB p. 52-53] When the Titans attack Castle Utgard, Ymir transforms into a 7-meter (23 ft) chimpanzee-like Titan that is nimble enough to face several larger ones with her speed, claws, and teeth.[ch. 41-42] Prior to the events in the series, Ymir was an Eldian orphan who was exiled on Paradis as a Titan for being paraded by a cult as a descendant of Ymir Fritz. Ymir remained a Titan for sixty years until she returned to being human after she devoured a Marleyan Warrior named Marcel Galliard, who possessed the Jaw Titan. When she and Eren are later captured by Reiner and Bertolt, Marcel's friends who bore witness to his death, Ymir expected that she would soon be killed by their faction for stealing their power as she willingly submits to the two on the condition that she can take Krista with them. But Krista convinces Ymir not to go through with the plan as she remains with Reiner and Bertolt after they lost Eren.[vol. 12] Some time after Krista becomes queen, Ymir sends a letter to her where she stating her impending death, likely by another Warrior who will be transformed into a Titan and eat her to obtain the power she stole. This is later confirmed by Porco Galliard, who killed her to reclaim his brother's power of the Jaw Titan.[ch. 93] Ymir is voiced by Saki Fujita in the Japanese version,[12] and by Elizabeth Maxwell in the English version.[15]


The military is divided into three divisions: the Garrison Regiment, the Survey Corps, and the Military Police Brigade. It is commanded by Darius Zackly. Applicants into the Military are first required to enter the Training Corps overseen by Keith Shadis, after which they are allowed to join one of the three divisions.

Darius Zackly (ダリス・ザックレー, Darisu Zakkurē, alt. "Dhalis Zachary")
Darius is the commander-in-chief of the military. He first appears at Eren's tribunal where he assigns Eren to the Survey Corps.[ch. 18] After it was shown that the nobles would abandon the people of Wall Rose should it be breached by Titans, he pledges to support Erwin's plan to overthrow the monarchy.[vol. 15] In the Japanese anime, he is voiced by Hideaki Tezuka. In the Funimation version, his name is spelled Dhalis Zachary and he is voiced by John Swasey.[ep 14]
Keith Shadis (キース・シャーディス, Kīsu Shādisu, alt. "Keith Sadies")
The instructor who is in charge of the training of the 104th Corps recruits. His face and head are cleanly shaven except for a patch of beard beneath his chin.[vol. 4] Before the fall of Wall Maria in the year 845, he became the 12th Commander of the Survey Corps, which had struggled to establish a base beyond the Walls with no success. He then became the first commander to pass his position to a successor (Erwin Smith) without dying. He was close friends with Eren's parents.[ch. 71] In the Japanese anime, he is voiced by Tsuguo Mogami. In the Funimation English dub, his surname is spelled Sadies, but pronounced "Shardis". Patrick Seitz provides the voice.[ep 2]

Garrison Regiment[edit]

The Garrison Regiment (駐屯兵団, Chūton Heidan) are the soldiers that protect the towns and reinforce the Walls. They are the first line of defense against the Titans, maintaining a defensive stance. They are the largest force in the military due to the small exclusive number of members in the Military Police Brigade and the high death rate of the Survey Corps. The Garrison Regiment's insignia is a pair of red roses.

Hannes (ハンネス, Hannesu)
A Garrison soldier who saves Eren and Mikasa during the attack on Shiganshina,[ch. 1] While Eren finishes cadet training, Hannes becomes a Garrison squad leader. He seeks to repay a debt to the Yeager Family for saving his own wife and family from a deadly disease.[ch. 3][GB p.66-67] Hannes assisted Mikasa and the other Survey Corps in rescuing Eren from Reiner and Bertolt. He would later die fighting the Titan that ate Eren's mother.[ch. 50] Isayama said that Hannes and the Garrison Soldiers in volume 1 resemble him the most as they sit around and drink booze.[2] He is voiced by Keiji Fujiwara (Season 1)[episode needed] and Kenjiro Tsuda (Season 2)[episode needed] in the Japanese version, and by David Wald in the English version.[15]
Dot Pixis (ドット・ピクシス, Dotto Pikushisu, alt. "Dot Pyxis")
Dot Pixis is the highest-ranking commander of the Southern Territory.[ch. 12] He is sometimes viewed as eccentric.[ch. 12] Upon learning about the breach at Trost, he and his men stop Captain Woerman from shooting Eren after the latter is revealed to be able to transform into a Titan,[ch. 11] He then mobilizes his soldiers in a mission to protect Eren during the latter's attempt to seal the wall. [ch. 12] He appears later in the series to support Erwin's plan to overthrow the monarchy.[ch. 55] In a 2010 post on his blog, Isayama stated he modeled Dot Pixis after Imperial Japanese Army General Akiyama Yoshifuru.[18] However, this raised a heated discussion and death threats on his blog in 2013, with angry participants questioning Akiyama's participation or lack thereof in the Sino-Japanese War and the Imperial Japanese rule over Korea.[19] Dot is voiced by Masahiko Tanaka in the Japanese anime. In the Funimation English version, his last name is spelled Pyxis, and he is voiced by R Bruce Elliott.[13]

Survey Corps[edit]

The Survey Corps (調査兵団, Chōsa Heidan, alt. "Scout Regiment"[20]) is composed of expeditionary soldiers that venture outside the Walls. Their goal is to discover more about the origins and source of the Titans, their motives, and weaknesses; ultimately how to fight and defeat them. They are an integral component in the military's campaign to recapture Wall Maria. Due to this, the division suffers from a much larger casualty rate than the Military police or the Garrison Regiment.[citation needed] The Survey Corps' insignia is an overlapping pair of wings known as the "Wings of Freedom".

Erwin Smith (エルヴィン・スミス, Eruvin Sumisu)
Commander of the Survey Corps, who led the last mission before the fall of Wall Maria. After learning of a mole among the military ranks, he leads the 57th expedition with the secret objective of exposing and capturing the person, hiding the information from even his most trusted subordinates.[ep 20] When Eren is kidnapped by Bertolt and Reiner, he leads a team to rescue him, having his right arm eaten by a Titan in the occasion.[ch. 49] Once realizing that their efforts against the Titans are being hindered by the Royalty, he gathers allies to stage a revolution and overthrow it. Erwin then leads an expedition to Shinganshina to seal the breach on Wall Maria, where he and his forces face a combined attack of the Beast Titan, the Armored Titan and the Colossus Titan. After Erwin is mortally wounded while confronting the Beast Titan, Levi decides that injecting him with the titan serum is the logical choice, however, after coming to the realization that Erwin is neither respected nor looked at as a human being by the rest of the Survey Corps he decides to free him from hell, and Armin is given the injection by default.[ch. 85] He is voiced by Daisuke Ono in the Japanese anime,[12][21] and by J. Michael Tatum in the English version.[15]
Zoe Hange (ハンジ・ゾエ, Hanji Zoe, alt. "Hange Zoë")[a]
Hange is a squad leader in the Survey Corps and a scientist who studies the Titans.[ep 14] Hange shows little fear when interacting with them, and is thus ecstatic when initially meeting Eren.[ch. 20] Hange had a strong hatred against Titans until the discovery of Ilse Langnar's notebook provided some new insight into how the Titans may be able to think. Hange also provides the special weapons they use, such as a barrel that fires multiple grappling hooks to capture Titans alive.[GB p.80-81] After Erwin steps down, Hange becomes commander of the Survey Corps in his stead.[volume & issue needed]
In the original English translation of the manga, and in the anime, Hange is referred to as a female.[vol. 5] However, in his blog in 2011, Isayama responded to a question regarding Hange's gender by responding "Perhaps [Hange's gender] is better left unstated".[23] In 2014, Kodansha USA stated they went back through volume 5 and removed gender-specific pronouns they had used for reprint,[24] and references from volume 6 onwards.[25] Hange is voiced by Romi Park in the Japanese anime,[12][21] is voiced by Jessica Calvello in the English dub,[13] and is portrayed by Satomi Ishihara in the live-action film.[4]
Mike Zacharius (ミケ・ザカリアス, Mike Zakariasu, alt. "Miche Zacharius")
A Survey Corps squad leader who has a peculiar habit of snorting and sniffing people when he meets them for the first time.[ep 14][ch. 19] His strength is second to Levi among the Survey Corps squad leaders. When Wall Rose is breached by the Titans, Zacharius uses himself as a decoy to distract nine titans while his fellow soldiers escape. Zacharius manages to kill five of his opponents before he is incepted by the Beastly Titan. Zacharius is shocked to hear the titan speaking his language while being relieved of his gear, left to be devoured by the other three remaining Titans.[ch. 35] He is voiced by Kenta Miyake in Japanese. In the Funimation English dub, his first name was spelled Miche, and he is voiced by Jason Douglas.[ep 14]
Ilse Langnar (イルゼ・ラングナー, Iruze Rangunā)
Resembling Ymir, Ilse was on the Survey Corps' 34th expedition with the task of taking detailed notes of her experiences outside the Walls. But she ended up encountering a trapped Abnormal Titan who mistook her for "Lady Ymir" and reached out to her in reverence. Ilse assumed the talking Titan can be beneficial for her work but she ends up having her head bitten off as a result of her unintentionally provoking the Titan enough for it to break free. Her story is recounted in the special chapter and an OVA titled "Ilse's Notebook" (イルゼの手帳, Iruze no Techō).[vol. 5] She is voiced by Sachi Kokuryu in Japanese.[citation needed] In the Funimation English dub of Attack on Titan: Junior High, she is voiced by Marissa Lenti.[citation needed]
Thomas (トーマ, Tōma)
Thomas is a member of the Survey Corps; he has dark hair and a goatee. He carries the news of the Titans breaching Wall Rose to Erwin and some of the citizens.[ch. 36]
Nanaba (ナナバ)
A member of the Survey Corps, Nanaba has short blond hair. She first appears during the 57th Expedition where she leads Krista's team in the forest used to ambush the Female Titan.[ep 18] She has some supporting roles in the Stohess storyline, and leads part of the squad when the Titans have breached Wall Rose.[ch. 35] She is eaten by the Titans when the latter invade Castle Utgard.[ch. 40]

Special Operations Squad[edit]

The Survey Corps Special Operations Squad (調査兵団特別作戦班, Chōsa Heidan Tokubetsu Sakusen-han), also known as Squad Levi (リヴァイ班, Rivai-han), is a squad of four elite soldiers with impressive combat records hand-picked by Captain Levi. The squad takes Eren under their wing as both his bodyguards and potential executors if he goes berserk. All the original members of the squad, except for Levi and Eren, are killed by the Female Titan during the 57th expedition to Wall Maria. Later on, the squad is reformed with the six remaining recruits from the 104th Training Corps.

Levi (リヴァイ, Rivai)
He is known as humanity's most powerful soldier and head of an elite squad in the Survey Corps. Hange remarks that he is a bit of a "clean freak".[26] While it is said that he is blunt and unapproachable, it is noted that he has a strong respect for authority, structure and discipline.[volume & issue needed] The side story Attack on Titan: No Regrets focuses on Levi's origins, revealing that he was part of a band of thieves using the Vertical Maneuvering Equipment to commit crimes before he is scouted by Erwin to join the army. Captain Kenny Ackerman later notes that the capture of Eren and Krista has to do with Levi, whom he refers to as "Levi Ackerman".[volume & issue needed] Kenny is later revealed to be Levi's maternal uncle, who raised him after his mother Kuchel's death.[volume & issue needed] Levi was modeled after the Watchmen character Rorschach[27] and is named after a child Isayama noticed in the documentary Jesus Camp.[28] Levi is voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya,[12] and by Matthew Mercer in the English dub.[13]
Eld Jinn (エルド・ジン, Erudo Jin, alt. "Eld Gin")
Deputy leader of the Special Operations Squad, who possesses a calm demeanor, having a record of 14 Titan kills and 32 assists.[ep 15][ch. 26] After the Female Titan is initially captured and assumed to be devoured, Eld leads the Squad to protect Eren in their retreat, but when the Female titan reappears, she kills Eld.[ep 21][ch. 28] He is voiced by Susumu Chiba. In the Funimation English dub, his name is spelled Eld Gin and he is voiced by Vic Mignogna.[29][ep 15]
Oluo Bozado (オルオ・ボザド, Oruo Bozado, alt. "Oruo Bozad")
Bozado is a soldier who is introduced with 39 Titan kills and 9 assists.[ep 15][ch. 26] He is depicted as arrogant and boastful, although there is a running gag that whenever he is bragging while on his horse, he literally bites his tongue.[ep 15][ep 17][ch. 20,22] Despite helping disable the Female Titan, he is eventually killed by one of her roundhouse kicks.[ep 21][ch. 28] He is voiced by Shinji Kawada in the Japanese anime. In the Funimation version, his name is spelled Oruo Bozad, and he is voiced by Chris Smith.[ep 15]
Petra Ral (ペトラ・ラル, Petora Raru, alt. "Petra Rall")
Petra is a skilled and experienced fighter, introduced with having killed 58 Titans (10 solo, 48 assists).[ep 15][ch. 26] She too is killed by the regenerated Female Titan, after trying to flee and getting kicked into a tree.[ep 21][ch. 28] Levi later learns from her father that she had feelings for him.[ch. 30] She is voiced by Natsuki Aikawa in the Japanese version. In the Funimation English dub, her name is spelled Petra Rall, and she is voiced by Caitlin Glass.[13][ep 15]
Günther Schultz (グンタ・シュルツ, Gunta Shurutsu)
Günther is a soldier who has logged 47 Titan kills, 7 solo.[ep 15][ch. 26] On the 57th expedition to the lands outside the wall, he is ambushed and killed during the retreat in the forest by Annie in her human form (using the vertical maneuvering equipment stolen from Marco).[ep 21][ch. 28] Gunther is voiced by Kozo Mito in the Japanese version, and by Brett Weaver in the English version.[ep 15]

Military Police Brigade[edit]

The Military Police Brigade (憲兵団, Kenpeidan, alt. "Military Police Regiment") is composed of soldiers assigned to watch over the Training Corps, supervise the Garrison Regiment, control the fire departments, and arrest and detain political criminals and offenders. The top ten of each training class are eligible to join, although some experienced members can transfer from the Garrison. As their tasks mainly involve administrative behind-the-scenes work, they do not experience front-line combat with Titans and often reside in the comfort and safety of the innermost wall.[vol. 8] The Military Police Brigade's insignia is a white-haired green unicorn.

Nile Dok (ナイル・ドーク, Nairu Dōku, alt. "Nile Dawk"[ep 14])
Commander of the Military Police Brigade. During Eren's tribunal, Nile pleaded the side that Eren should be handed to the Military Police Brigade for examination and then executed, believing Eren's presence in the populace would cause a civil war.[ch. 18] When Eren called him a coward, he wanted Eren to be shot, but Levi stopped him. When the Female Titan suddenly appeared within Wall Sheena, Nile angrily demands an explanation from Erwin, suspecting he is planning a coup. But after learning about Erwin's plans, he decides to help by ordering the Military Police to assist the Survey Corps in capturing the Female Titan.[ep 25] Nile is voiced by Anri Katsu in the Japanese anime adaptation. In the English version, his name is spelled Nile Dawk and he is voiced by Ian Sinclair in the Funimation English dub.[29]
Marlowe Freudenberg (マルロ・フロイデンベルク, Maruro Furoidenberuku, alt. "Marlo Sand")
Marlowe is introduced during the Raid of Stohess District storyline as a Military Police member who is given a bit of leadership responsibility.[ch. 31] He is aware of the corruption in the organization and desires to reform it, although that draws some criticism from Annie.[ch. 31] In the anime series, his name is Marlo Sand (マルロ・サンド, Maruro Sando),[ep 23] and tries to demonstrate his leadership in a different way; he tries to stand up against two corrupt superiors who are selling guns to black marketers, where Annie then encourages Marlowe to keep gathering his strength.[ep 23]
In a later manga storyline, on patrol, he defends the Survey Corps, stating they had just caught a Titan which is something no one else in the other military factions has done.[ch. 59] They are caught by Levi's squad and taken into the forests. Marlowe wants to help them out, but Levi refuses, stating they can't be trusted. He and Hitch are left in Jean's custody. Deciding to test him, Jean gets into a brief fist fight with Marlowe. After a while, Jean decides he can be trusted and Marlowe's want for justice is similar to Eren's own.[ch. 59] Marlowe is among a number of soldiers who transfer into the Survey Corps to help strengthen the dwindling numbers.[ch. 70] He is among the soldiers killed during the attempt to retake Wall Maria, being struck in the head by a rock while distracting the Beast Titan in an attempt to allow Levi to ambush it.[ch. 81]
In the Japanese dub of the anime, Marlowe is voiced by Tomokazu Sugita. In the English dub, his name is spelled Marlo Sand and he is voiced by Todd Haberkorn.[ep 23]
Hitch Dreyse (ヒッチ・ドリス, Hitchi Dorisu)
Marlowe's female comrade in the Military Police, she likes to poke fun of Marlowe.[ep 23]: She is voiced by Akeno Watanabe in the Japanese anime adaptation, and by Brittney Karbowski in the English dub.[ep 23]
Boris Feulner (ボリス・フォイルナー, Borisu Foirunā)
One of the nicer members of Military Police who is kind to Annie.[ep 23] He is voiced by Yūichi Karasuma in the Japanese dub of the anime, and by Micah Solusod in the English version.[ep 23]
Djel Sanes (ジェル・サネス, Jeru Sanesu)
A member of the brigade's interior first squad, he is introduced when he informs the Survey Corps that Minister Nick was killed by a robber. Hange determines that Sanes and his partner had tortured and murdered Nick given that his fist had its skin ripped off.[ch. 52]

Other characters[edit]

Grisha Yeager (グリシャ・イェーガー, Gurisha Yēgā, alt. "Grisha Jaeger")
Eren's father and Mikasa's guardian. He is a renowned medical doctor who was well respected in the District of Shiganshina after he saved the village from a mysterious viral epidemic by developing vaccines.[ch. 3] He also provides a medical house call service to the people of Shiganshina and to various towns in addition to having a network of contacts within the Corps of the Shiganshina district.[vol. 1] Though Eren and the other believed he went into hiding after the fall of Wall Maria, they would later learn that Grisha was more than he appeared. In reality, Grisha was originally a second-class citizen of Marley and member of the Eldian Revivalists who intended to reach the island nation of Paradis to obtain the Founding Titan. But he and his first wife Dina were exposed by their son Zeke, punished to be turned into Titans and left to wander on Paradis. But Grisha ended up obtaining the ability to transform into the Attack Titan after being saved by Eren Kruger, making a new life for himself in Shiganshina.[ch. 86] During the fall of Wall Maria, Grisha made his move to claim the Founding Titan from the Reiss Family and wiped most of them out.[volume & issue needed] Grisha later turns Eren into a Pure Titan so he can have his son eat him and gain the power of the Titans himself.[ch. 62] Before his death, Grisha tells Eren that he hid a secret he called the "truth", revealed to be evidence of humanity thriving beyond Paradis, in the basement of their family home.[ch. 3] His memories of the event having been fuzzy at the time, Eren eventually learns the truth of his father's final actions and feels betrayed while realizing that the "truth" is connected to the Founding Titan.[ch. 63] While heading to the Orvud District of Wall Rose, Historia comes up with her own conclusion that Grisha had a more logical reason for killing her sister and giving Eren the Founding Titan, upon realizing what Rod had in mind.[ch. 67] When Eren and his group reach the basement, they learn the truth that humanity is not as endangered as they believed along with a photo of Grisha and his first family.[ch. 85,86]
Grisha is voiced by Hiroshi Tsuchida in the anime. In the English dub, his name is spelled Grisha Jaeger, and he is voiced by Chris Hury.[15]
Kalura Yeager (カルラ・イェーガー, Karura Yēgā, alt. "Carla Jaeger", "Carla Yeager")
Eren's mother and Mikasa's guardian. Kalura was originally a waitress in Shiganshina who fell in love with Grisha after he saved her and others from a plague.[ch. 86]. She was in opposition to Eren's decision to join the Survey Corps and tried to get Mikasa to change his mind. [ch. 1] When her town is attacked, she becomes trapped under the Yeager family home from debris of Wall Maria. Eren and Mikasa try to save her, although her lower body was already crushed and she entrusted them to Hannes to save. As they flee, Eren looked on as Carla is picked up and devoured by the Titan that was originally Dina Yeager.[ch. 2][ep 1]
Kalura's given name is sometimes spelled Carla in various Attack on Titan media. She is voiced by Yoshino Takamori in the Japanese dub of the anime. In the Funimation English version her name is Carla Jaeger, and she is voiced by Jessica Cavanagh.[15]
Minister Nick (ニック司祭, Nikku-shisai, alt. "Pastor Nick")
Nick is a religious leader who heads a church that believes that the Walls are sacred, and refuses any modifications to be done to the Walls. During the incident in Stohess where his church is trashed by Eren and the Female Titan's fight,[ep 24][ep 25] it is revealed that he knew Titans reside in the walls and that they are activated by sunlight, but refuses to disclose any further information.[vol. 8] After he is captured by the Survey Corps, Nick experiences first hand the suffering of the families forced to evacuate because of the suspected breach of Wall Rose.[ch. 37] While he refuses to reveal any secrets he knows of the Walls, Nick suggests that the Survey Corps talk to Historia about it since her birth family holds the knowledge they seek.[ch. 37] He is transferred to the Survey Corps barracks, but is later found dead, having been tortured by the Military Police Brigade.[ch. 52]
Nick is voiced by Tomohisa Asō in the Japanese anime, and by Francis Henry in its English dub.[ep 25]
Dimo Reeves (ディモ・リーブス, Dimo Rībusu)
A merchant who was first seen trying to flee with his packages intact when the Titans breached Wall Rose. However, a menacing threat from Mikasa forced Reeves to move his cart from the tunnel to let the villagers escape to the safety of Wall Sheena.[ch. 5] He appears later when his group tries to kidnap Eren and Krista, but is foiled by the Survey Corps. He agrees to Levi's terms to support the Survey Corps in their rebellion against the King.[ch. 54] However, Dimo is killed by Captain Ackerman when he sees through their plan and realize that he was working with them.[volume & issue needed]
Captain Kenny Ackerman (ケニー・アッカーマン隊長, Kenī Akkāman-taichō)
Serving directly under the Reiss family after being brought into their services by Rod's younger brother Uri, whom he respected, Kenny leads a unit whose Vertical Maneuvering Equipment is designed for killing humans.[volume & issue needed] Kenny was the also the man who killed Historia's mother sometime after the Wall Maria incident.[volume & issue needed] In the past, his family was despised out of fear since they descended from people who objected to the Reiss family's vision. Kenny was once known as Kenny the Ripper (切り裂きケニー, Kirisaki Kenī) and killed Military Police officials before meeting Uri.[volume & issue needed]He is related to Mikasa's father and is the uncle of Levi, raising the latter for a short time after his younger sister Kuchel died of an illness.[volume & issue needed] In the storyline, seeing through the Survey Corps's plan to stage a revolution, Kenny captures Eren and Historia under orders from Rod. But after learning of Rod's intentions for Historia, Kenny decides to betray Rod by partially freeing Eren so he can fight back.[ch. 64] After Rod transforms into a Titan, Kenny is fatally wounded when the chapel collapses. In his final moments, revealing their familial ties, Kenny gives Levi the Titan serum he would later use on Armin. Kenny is voiced by Kazuhiro Yamaji in the Japanese version, and by Phil Parsons in the English version.[ep 38]

[ch. 84]

Rod Reiss (ロッド・レイス, Roddo Reisu)
The father of Historia Reiss, and five legitimate children Frieda, Dirk, Abel, Urklyn and Florian. Rod's family have been power behind the throne in Wall Sheena for many generations with each head of the family bestowed the power of the Founding Titan. When Historia was born, Rod send her and her mother to live on a land he leased to the latter's parents.[ch. 52] But when his entire family, was slaughtered by Grisha Yeager when he stole the Founding Titan during the Wall Maria incident, upset that Grisha has unsettled the status quo, Rod attempts to bring Historia to live with him as he intended to use her to restore order. But the Wall Cult, unaware of his true intentions, sent Kenny Ackerman to kill Historia, with Rod convincing the soldier to let her join the Survey Corps under the alias of Krista Lenz. Reunited with his daughter, Rod reveals to Eren the truth of how his father made him a Titan before convincing Historia to eat Eren.[ch. 63] But when Historia refuses, Rod is forced to transform himself into a massive Abnormal Titan that's 120-meter (390 ft) tall and 40-meter (130 ft) wide. In this form, Rod burns continuously and threatens the Orvud District.[ch. 67] After being heavily crippled by the Levi Squad and Eren using a cache of barrels filled with gunpowder, Rod is killed when Historia personally makes the death blow. In his final moments, Rod transmits some of his memories into his daughter to better understand the situation that would soon come with his death. Rod is voiced by Yusaku Yara in the Japanese version, and by Kenny Green in the English version.[ep 38][volume & issue needed]
Frieda Reiss (フリーダ・レイス, Furīda Reisu)
A woman who has appeared in Eren's dream, Freida is later revealed to be Historia's older half-sister by Rod's wife. She was a kind-hearted person, welcomed by the people in the Reiss family's domain, and cared for Historia. She originally obtained the Founding Titan at age fifteen from her uncle Uri Reiss, gaining the power to assume Titan form, manipulate memories, and endowed with the collective knowledge of human history. Frieda also taught Historia to read and be a kind person, later erasing herself for her half sister's memory when she wanted to be like her. As Frieda was inexperienced in controlling Titans, she was killed and eaten by Grisha Yeager during the fall of Wall Maria when she and her family took refuge in a church. Rod covered up her death to make it appear to be the work of bandits. As a previous Founding Titan, Freida's memories were passed on Grisha and then Eren who eventually learned her identity.[ch. 62]
Dina Yeager (ダイナ・イェーガー, Daina Yēgā)
Grisha's first wife and Zeke's mother. As the last known descendant of Ymir Fritz, she stayed in Eldia to assist the resistance after a disagreement her family had with the head when he decided to move to Paradis. When Zeke exposed her and Grisha to the Marley government, Dina was exiled to Paradis as a grinning titan.[ch. 86] Several years later, Dina devoured Grisha's second wife Carla and became the cause of Eren's hatred towards Titans. When Eren encounters the Titan while Bertoldt and Reiner, he tapped into the Founding Titan's power for the time and had Dina attacked by Titans from all sides.[ch. 50] It was only later that Eren learns of Dina's existence as a human from Grisha's memories, realizing that being in Dina's presence as a Fritz enabled him to use the Founding Titan.[ch. 87]


The Titans (巨人, Kyojin) are the primary antagonists of the series. They are giant creatures that usually resemble male humans in form, although lacking reproductive organs.[ch. 4] They can range in height from 3 to 15 meters (9.8–49.2 ft). Despite their enormous strength and toughness, their bodies are unnaturally light for their size. Their primary objective is to kill and eat humans, as they show no interest in attacking other animals. However, they do not require food or drink. They have hard skin and regenerative abilities, and can only be killed by causing a deep incision at the nape of the neck. They have high body temperatures, causing them to emit steam.[ch. 4]

Over the course of the series, some of the Titans, referred to as Abnormal (奇行種, Kikō-shū), show signs of intelligence. There are humans, such as Eren, who can assume Titan form by possessing the "Titan's power" (巨人の力, Kyojin no Chikara).[vol. 2] This ability is revealed to be tied to a form of cannibalism among Titans where the ability to assume human form is possible by ingesting spinal fluid. The transformation is triggered by a self-inflicted wound but also requires having a clear, specific goal in mind.[ep 19] While in this form, the human's normal body rests in the nape of the neck, connected via masses of muscular tissue.[vol. 2] The Reiss family are later revealed to have the ability to create and control Abnormal Titans using a special serum created from a Titan's spinal fluid.[volume & issue needed] They are connected to the first Titan Ymir Fritz and her subjects.[ch. 86] There are nine Abnormal Titans in total, whose powers are passed along the Eldian bloodline when one dies; a Subject of Ymir is born with its power unless they are eaten by a Titan who gains their powers. However, once inheriting one of the Nine Titans, the user only has thirteen years left to live at most, as it is the maximum time its body can support it.[volume & issue needed]

Sonny and Bean (ソニーとビーン, Sonī to Bīn, alt. "Sawney and Beane"[ep 15])
A 4-meter (13 ft) Titan and a 7-meter (23 ft) tall Titan captured by Eren for Hange's studies.[ch. 20] With them, Hange discovers that Titans require sunlight to operate, as Sonny becomes lethargic without sunlight, but Bean is still active.[ch. 20] In the anime, Hange says they were named after Sawney Bean, the leader of a clan of cannibals who hunted and ate their victims before the authorities found and exterminated them.[ep 15] Both are killed by Annie Leonhart.[ep 24][GB p.130-131]
In the English dub, they are referred to as Sawney and Beane, and are voiced by Jonathan C. Osborne and Cris George respectively.[ep 15]
Ymir Fritz (ユミル・フリッツ, Yumiru Furittsu)
A mythical figure tied to the origins of the Titans who lived around 1,800 years ago, mentioned only in fairy tales. In the stories, Ymir became the first Founding Titan (始祖の巨人, Shiso no Kyojin) when she made a deal with the devil and used her gained power to protect her people from the Marley government. In time, the deceased Ymir passed the Founding Titan on to one of the nine of her Subjects whose families created Eldia and ruled it for centuries until the reign of Karl Fritz.
Karl Fritz (ユミル・フリッツ, Karl Furittsu)
A descendant of Ymir Fritz and the 145th king of Eldia, a pacifist by nature who inherited the power of the Progenitor Titan, Karl detested his ancestors for the atrocities they caused and the civil war among the other Eldian houses. This influenced him into orchestrating Eldia's downfall with the Tybur family, secretly moving the capital to the eastern island of Paradis while the Tyburs used the oppressed people of Marley to stage the Great Titan War and becoming the ruling government.[ch. 97] Once Shingansina was established, intending to separate his people from the rest of the world to live in peace, Karl used his power to wipe the memories of everyone that is a Subject of Ymir. Karl then established the Reiss Family to continue his bloodline with his heirs maintaining the ceasefire between Paradis and Marley with only Historia his last living heir.[ch. 86] Some relatives of Karl remained in Marley and eventually dwindled with Zeke Yeager as the last of that line.


Marley (マーレ, Māre) is a large empire located beyond the Walls and across the ocean from Paradis. It consists of an enormous continental mainland as well as many overseas territories. In ancient times, Marley was conquered by the Subjects of Ymir, who built the Empire of Eldia using the Nine Titans; however, the Marleyans rose up during the Great Titan War, seized control of some of the Titans and subjugated Eldia's former territory, save for Paradis. In the modern era, Marley sustains itself as a world power using the power of the Titans, but it is losing its status due to lagging behind other nations in technological progress.[volume & issue needed] The Marleyan Military (マーレの軍事, Māre no Gunji) is the combined armed forces of Marley, consisting primarily of the Marley Army (マーレ陸軍, Māre Rikugun) (which includes the infamous Warrior Unit) and the Marley Navy (マーレ海軍, Māre Kaigun). Marley maintains its military dominance in the world stage by the use of five (formerly seven before the failure of the Paradis Island Operation) of the Nine Titans and a technologically moderate military force, which is not as developed as that of other powers around the world. The overall size of the Marleyan military stationed around the Liberio internment zone (レベリオ収容区, Reberio Shūyō-ku) exceeds 30,000 soldiers.

Zeke Yeager (ジーク・イェーガー, Jīku Yēgā)
A Eldian who is the warlord of the Colossus and Armored Titans and can turn into a Titan himself. His 17-meter (56 ft) Titan form resembling a Bigfoot-like creature with long, thin arms. Originally known as the Beast Titan (獣の巨人, Kemono no Kyojin), he first appears in Titan form during the Stohess district storyline when Wall Rose is breached. He surprises Survey Corps leader Mike Zacharius when he speaks in the human language while in his titan form, daintily stripping him of his gear so he may study it before allowing his fellow Titans to devour the soldier.[ch. 35] He can also function at night, and command other Titans.[ch. 35][GB p.135] After Reiss is removed from power, deeming the obtaining of the Founding Titan goes above Annie's rescue, he orders Reiner and Bertolt to remain by his side to plan an ambush to capture Eren when he eventually appears to reclaim the city.[ch. 70] After the Survey Corps arrived at Shiganshina and closed the outer wall, he leads an army of Titans in an ambush against them.[ch. 74] His name is later revealed to be Zeke Yeager[ch. 99] and that he is Grisha's son with his first wife, thus Eren's paternal older half-brother. Zeke caused his parents' exile from the Marley government.[ch. 86].
Porco Galliard (ポルコ・ガリアード, Poruko Gariādo)
Porco is one of the Eldians aligned with the Marley who can turn into a Titan. He is able to transform into the Jaws Titan (顎の巨人, Agito no Kyojin), an agile, light armoured Titan whose mouth is protected by a cog-like jaw. Galliard acquired his power by devouring Ymir, the previous holder of the power. He is also the younger brother of Marcel Galliard, who had the power of the Jaws Titan before being devoured by Ymir's Titan form.[ch. 93]
Pieck (ピーク, Pīku)
Pieck is one of the Eldians aligned with the Marley who can turn into a Titan. She is able to transform into the Cartman Titan (車力の巨人, Shariki no Kyojin), a quadrupedal Titan able to talk, just like the Beastly Titan and transport massive amounts of cargo on her back as she did during the battle against the Survey Corps in Shiganshina, supplying Zeke with barrels for him to throw. During the battle at Fort Slava, she acted as a heavily armoured tank by protecting her face with a large, plated mask while carrying two soldiers armed with machine guns.
Willy Tybur (ヴィリー・タイバー, Virī Taibā)
The patriarch of the most elite Eldian family in Marley who are highly influential, Willy's family are the true rulers of Marley who orchestrated the downfall of the Eldian Empire with Karl Fritz ages ago.[ch. 97] While a pacifist, Willy shares his family's disdain towards Fritz's methods in the segregation of the Eldians from Paradis island. While publicly revealing his family's true history and indifference to Marley's decline, Willy express full intentions of seizing the resources of Paradis Island.[ch. 95] Claiming to have inherited the power of the Warhammer Titan (戦槌の巨人, Sentsui no Kyojin) that was kept in his bloodline for years, Willy shared his family's preference of using its power for the sake of maintaining peace. But Willy's younger sister is revealed to be the true Warhammer Titan after Willy was killed when Eren attacked Marley's war declaration rally.[ch. 101]


  1. ^ Hange's name as been arranged as "Zoë Hange" in the Kodansha USA manga and Funimation dub of the anime, but reversed in the official Attack on Titan Guidebook as "Hange Zoë".[GB p.80] In Japan, the character's English name was spelled "Zoe Hans" as part of a promotional collaboration with Japanese eyewear brand JINS.[22]

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