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Mike Alfred is a South African poet, Journalist, and historian who lives in Johannesburg. His poems have been widely published in anthologies and literary journals. He has produced five collections of poetry and two books and many articles and papers about the city and people of Johannesburg.


  • Life in the Suburbs Poems.(1994)
  • The Shadow Self Poems.(1997)
  • Johannesburg Portraits Biographical Essays (2003)
  • Poetic Licence Poems. (2007)
  • "The Johannesburg Explorer Book" Johannesburg History and Guidebook


  • " Twelve plus One" Transcribed interviews with thirteen Johannesburg poets.[2014]
  • "Exeunt - A short book of Mourning poems."[2015]
  • Biographical and history writings can be found online in The Heritage Portal and Johannesburg Heritage Journal.
  • A copy of 'Glimpses,' [completed in 2006], an unpublished series of 16 interviews with Johannesburg citizens from all walks of life, has been given to Johannesburg Heritage Trust's archive.