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This article is about the American singer. For the British conductor, see Michael C. Brewer. For the British television presenter, see Mike Brewer (television presenter).

Michael Brewer (born April 14, 1944) in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) is an American musician. He and Tom Shipley were the popular music duo Brewer & Shipley.

Mike Brewer formed a duo in Los Angeles during early 1966 named Mastin & Brewer with singer/songwriter Tom Mastin. The group recruited drummer Billy Mundi and bass guitar player Jim Fielder for live performances, opening for The Byrds and Buffalo Springfield during spring 1966. When Mastin ended his employment abruptly during sessions for an album, Brewer enlisted his brother Keith and the pair recorded a lone single album for Columbia Records company, "Need You", backed by "Rainbow" (written by Tom Mastin and Mike Brewer before the former's departure). Mundi became employed with The Lamp of Childhood and then The Mothers of Invention while Fielder had also joined The Mothers of Invention (and later Buffalo Springfield and Blood, Sweat & Tears). After recording the single, Brewer met his old friend Tom Shipley and they initiated a duo together.

During 1984, Michael Brewer released an LP, Beauty Lies, to which Dan Fogelberg was a significant contributor. The album has never been released on CD.


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