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Mike Church
Mike Church by Gage Skidmore.jpg
Born 1962 (age 54–55)
United States
Occupation Radio talk show host
Website mikechurch.com

Mike Church (born 1962) is a radio talk show host, and singer/songwriter. In 2006 Church was named to Askmen.com's list of the "Top Ten Shock Jocks in America.[1] He has been called "The Most Radical Man on the Radio",[2] and has been called the "The King Dude" by listeners since 2001.

The Mike Church Show was the first-ever produced talk show on Sirius Satellite Radio (now Sirius XM Radio). Prior to its cancellation in October, 2015, Church's show was the longest-running program on satellite radio. His final live show on Sirius XM aired on the morning of Tuesday, October 27, 2015.

Church is also credited with creating a library of original conservative-themed parody songs, which include "Manuel Went Down To Georgia," "There's Democrats Somewhere" and "Obama," a take on the Toto classic, "Rosanna." Most recently, Church’s “Mr. Jefferson,” became a hit song and video. A rendition of the Simon & Garfunkel classic, “Mrs. Robinson,” Church’s “Mr. Jefferson” racked up nearly 200,000 views on YouTube.com – in the first week of release alone. The song was also tapped as the theme song for hundreds of “Tax Day Tea Party” rallies across the country. These can be found online.[3]

His show was aired on SIRIUS XM Patriot, SIRIUS and XM channel 125 Monday through Friday from 6:00 am – 9:00 am Eastern time.[4][5] Shows were generally aired live, with an occasional rebroadcast of a previous show. The show was also later rebroadcast on SIRIUS XM Patriot Plus, SIRIUS 816 and XM 138 (online only) from 12 midnight to 3 am Eastern time.[6] His show was broadcast live from self supported studios in Mandeville, Louisiana, a suburb of New Orleans.[7]

The Mike Church Band was an integral part of the show providing conservative themed parody songs as another comedic element to the political/historical/topical discussions, most of which were aimed at the political left. Headed up by Mike Church, the band has released a successful string of albums including UnAmerican Idiots (2005), Libs on the Run (2007), and The White Album (2008)

Church is also the author, producer, and voice talent behind a trilogy of documentaries: "Road to Independence" (the story of the Declaration of Independence) and "The Fame of Our Fathers: How Immortality Inspired Our Constitution" and the "Spirit of '76" (Writing and ratifying the U.S. Constitution). Taken from source material, including personal letters, notes and transcripts of debates, the three documentaries pride themselves on their historical accuracy in portraying the Founding Fathers in their, literally, own words. Whereas the first two projects are audio only documentaries, The "Spirit of '76" is Mike's full-length animated feature. Mike is the owner of his own production company, Founding Father Films

Mr. Church has adapted and released the "Road to Independence" into an animated feature.

Following the cancellation of his show on satellite radio, Mr. Church formed the new streaming online service, Veritas Radio Network, which carries a new version of his program as well as content from other hosts. The new network and programming launched on Wednesday, November 11, 2015.

Current shows on Veritas Radio Network Crusade Channel:


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