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Mike Dillon
Mike "Tree Frog" Dillon
Background information
Origin Texas, Kansas City, New Orleans
Instruments Percussion, vibraphone, drums
Labels Hyena, Indie, Ropeadope
Associated acts Critters Buggin, Les Claypool, Ani DiFranco, Stanton Moore, Brave Combo, Karl Denson's Tiny Universe, Marco Benevento, Ten Hands, Billy Goat, Hairy Apes BMX

Mike Dillon (a.k.a. Mike D) is a percussionist, vibraphonist, bandleader, vocalist and songwriter born in San Antonio, Texas. He is a member of Critters Buggin, Les Claypool's Fancy Band and Garage A Trois. He has performed with many musicians including Ani DiFranco, Galactic, Brave Combo, Karl Denson's Tiny Universe, Marco Benevento and New Orleans musicians Kevin O'Day, Johnny Vidacovich and James Singleton. Dillon also performed in the 80's with local Dallas and Denton favorites Ten Hands.

He has led Dallas-based Billy Goat, Kansas City-based Malachy Papers and Austin-based Hairy Apes BMX (HABMX).

In 2006 Dillon started a funky project "Mike Dillon's Go-Go Jungle" which included members of Billy Goat, drummer Go-Go Ray, and bassist, J.J. Jungle. The live Go-Go Jungle also performs songs from Dillon's prior projects. They released their second CD entitled Rock Star Bench Press in 2009.

Dillon contributed the majority of compositions to Garage A Trois' Power Patriot CD released in 2009.

Dillon and saxophonist Skerik perform as a trio called "The Dead Kenny G's" with alternate third members. National tours have included keyboardist Brian Haas and bassist Brad Houser. With Houser they have also toured as "Critters Buggin Trio". They released a CD entitled Bewildered Herd in 2009.[1] As a trio with bassist James Singleton, Dillon and Skerik have toured as "Illuminasti" and as a trio with Les Claypool they have been billed as "The Fancy Trio".

Dillon resides in New Orleans, Louisiana, but a busy touring schedule keeps him on the road much of the time.[2]


  • Black Frames Solarallergy (2002)
  • Mike Dillon (2003)
  • Mike Dillon's Go-Go Jungle Battery Milk (2007)
  • The Dead Kenny G's Bewildered Herd (2009)
  • Mike Dillon's Go-Go Jungle Rock Star Bench Press (2009)
  • Mike Dillon and Earl Harvin People Gardens (2010 - recorded 2005)
  • The Dead Kenny G's Operation Long Leash (2011)
  • Mike Dillon "Urn" (25 September 2012)
  • The Dead Kenny G's Gorelick (2012)
  • Mike Dillon "Band of Outsiders" (2014)
  • Nolatet"Dogs"(2016)
  • Mike Dillon "Functioning Broke"(2016)
  • Mike Dillon "Life is not a Football" (2017)

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