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Mike Drucker is an American stand-up comedian and writer. He was most recently the head comedy writer for Bill Nye Saves the World and writer for Adam Ruins Everything.

He wrote for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in New York City. He currently resides in New York.

In 2007, he was one of three winners of Disney's "So You Think You're Funny" stand-up competition, a joint-venture by Disney and MySpace to promote the movie Ratatouille.[1]

He was a contributing writer to The Onion and Saturday Night Live.[2] He has been published in McSweeney's[3] and Black20.[4] He also worked on script adaptation for the English release of Kid Icarus: Uprising.[5]

During his time as an intern on Saturday Night Live his nerdy mannerisms were noticed by writers and he was subsequently parodied by Zach Braff in a Bronx Beat sketch.[6]

He is cohost of the podcast “How to be a Person” with his former roommate, Jess Dweck.


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