Mike Edmonds

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Mike Edmonds
Mike Edmonds.jpg
Mike Edmonds at Cardiff Comic Con 2014
Born (1944-01-13) 13 January 1944 (age 76)
Years active1979-2009

Mike Edmonds (born 13 January 1944) is an English actor with dwarfism, known for his role as Little Ron in the children's television show Maid Marian and Her Merry Men.

Edmonds can also be seen dancing in the Men Without Hats music video "The Safety Dance" as a dwarf jester, wearing a shirt for their Rhythm of Youth album.[1]

Edmonds has also appeared in several films, including Flash Gordon (1980), The Dark Crystal (1982), and Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988). Edmonds played the role of Og in the Terry Gilliam film Time Bandits (1981). In Return of the Jedi, (1983) he performed as the Ewok Logray as well as the operator for Jabba the Hutt's tail.



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