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Mike Elgan (born December 3) is an American journalist, blogger, columnist and podcaster. He is a columnist for publications including Computerworld, Cult of Android, Cult of Mac, Forbes, Datamation, eWeek and Baseline.[1]


Elgan was chief editor for the technology publication Windows Magazine. He has written opinion columns for several publications, and in February 2013 had 2 million "followers" on Google+.[2] He has been featured or quoted by the BBC,[3] CNN,[4] FOX News,[5] The New York Times,[6] Wall Street Journal,[7] and NPR.[8]

Tech News Today[edit]

Elgan is also the host of Tech News Today, a live-streamed podcast on the TWiT Network, (former co-hosts were Sarah Lane until February 10, 2014 and Jason Howell until October 27, 2014) which covers technology news in conversation with journalists.[9] Elgan started as host on TWiT's New Year's Eve party on December 31, 2013 the day after former original host Tom Merritt's final show. His first show, episode 913, was an informal discussion about security and Edward Snowden's leaks about the NSA with himself, Leo Laporte, Steve Gibson (host of Security Now) and Sarah Lane via Skype.[10]


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