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Gareth Hunt as "Mike Gambit"

Mike Gambit (or Michael Gambit) is a fictional character in the British TV series The New Avengers, played by actor Gareth Hunt. [1]

Gambit was Steed's first male partner since Drs. David Keel and Martin King in the original The Avengers nearly 15 years earlier. Gareth Hunt was picked for the role at auditions held in late January 1976. [2] His role in the New Avengers team alongside John Steed and Purdey, was to be the action man, charming female witnesses, chasing and fighting villains and protecting his colleagues.

Gambit was a secret agent and former Major in the Parachute Regiment and had a short-lived career as a race car driver.

Gambit was something of a mystery, his past never being addressed within the series. He lived in an apartment with a Modern architecture design style. He was romantically interested in Purdey, often flirting with her during their work together.